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B&B Recap: Thomas proposes to a distraught Hope once more after she pleads with him not to marry Paris.

Fri July 5, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke questions whether Hope is reconsidering, Carter volunteers to officiate the wedding, and Ridge and Brooke talk about Hope’s emotions. Thursday’s Early […]

Fri July 5, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke questions whether Hope is reconsidering, Carter volunteers to officiate the wedding, and Ridge and Brooke talk about Hope’s emotions.

Thursday’s Early B&B recap: Poppy walks in on Bill and Katie during a private moment, while Hope recoils at the sight of Thomas and Paris kissing.

At Eric’s place, Hope maintains her distance while the family continues to toast Thomas and Paris. Meanwhile, he receives a text from Douglas expressing how much fun he’s having with Steffy.


Hope shakes her head while Paris gushes about the wonderful time he must be having.

The conversation among the family shifts to swimming and Ridge’s scant bathing suits. They raise their glasses to toast the engaged couple once more.


As Paris and Thomas kiss, Hope looks away, sips, and seethes.

Carter congratulates the engaged couple again. He’s happy to se Paris happy again after everything.


Thomas looks over at Hope as he cuddles with Paris.

Brooke senses her daughter is upset. Hope runs out and she trails after her.


Eric starts talking wedding plans and Thomas glances out in the direction Hope went.


Carter offers to officiate. Thomas appreciates it and they will keep it in mind.

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Paris didn’t even know they were getting married there and the plans are just starting.


Thomas wants her to have her dream wedding. Her dream is to feel safe and secure and he’s already given her that.


They kiss and smile.

Eric and Donna talk to Ridge about the fast engagement. Donna brings up how Thomas feels about Hope.


It’s a lot deeper than just being parents. She really feels for Hope.

Eric is sure this is a big blow for her.

In the garden, Brooke reminds her daughter that she doesn’t need to be there.


Tearful, Hope asks how running into this engagement is a good idea and good for Douglas.

Her mom asks if she wishes she’d said “yes” to the proposal.


Hope says the feelings are still there and on Thomas’ side too.

Her mom guesses this means she does regret the rejection. Hope says she wasn’t ready.

Brooke asks what would happen if he proposed again.


Hope says it doesn’t matter because Paris is the woman he wants to marry now.

Sniffling, Hope thanks her for being there and hopes she didn’t make a scene.

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She doesn’t understand why Thomas wouldn’t even give himself time to grieve their relationship.

This is all too much and she needs to say something.

Her mom urges her to calm down but Hope is determined to speak to Thomas alone.


Back inside, Ridge asks Paris and Thomas down to the pool with the others.


They will make their way down. He tells her how happy he is for them and walks off.

Paris tells Thomas how happy she is that they get to be “an us” for the rest of their lives.

She can’t wait for this to be official. Kissing him, she runs off to the pool.


Alone, he thinks about proposing to Hope and being rejected.


Hope approaches him. He can tell she was hurt by all the wedding talk.

She begs him not to marry Paris.


They rehash her rejecting him twice and he adds that Paris is good for him and for Douglas.

She thinks he can’t just erase her from him life this easily and urges him to remember their love.

He repeats that she hurt him and turned him down over and over.

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Hope wasn’t ready for marriage but she wasn’t rejecting being with him.

She asks him not to jump into a marriage. It was never over between them.


Thomas doesn’t know how many times he can be rejected.

Stepping close to her and taking her arm, he says, “It wasn’t time then…how about I give it a third try. Will you marry me, Hope?”


Hope’s mouth hangs open.


Ridge finds Brooke in the garden. She says her daughter is hurting but she doesn’t blame Thomas for moving on.


Ridge gets it. But she turned him down and needs to move on with her life.

His son isn’t doing any of this to hurt Hope.

He asks if this has jarred her daughter into thinking she should be married.


Paris walks over and asks if they have seen Thomas.

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