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Days of Our Lives 2-Weeks Spoilers: Abigail’s Coffin Twist, Alex’s Secret Dilemma and Greece Revelations

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks, July 8 to July 19, reveal that Nicole DiMera will publicly confront EJ DiMera about his paternity lies before rushing to the […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks, July 8 to July 19, reveal that Nicole DiMera will publicly confront EJ DiMera about his paternity lies before rushing to the airport with Jude Brady.

During the week of July 8-12, Nicole will prevent Eric Brady from boarding his flight to Paris by informing him that Jude is his biological son.

While Eric is shocked by this revelation, EJ will have a meltdown at the DiMera mansion.

Days spoilers indicate that EJ will vow to make Gabi Hernandez DiMera and Stefan DiMera pay for their roles in exposing the secret.

Holly Jonas may hear the commotion when EJ shouts and smashes a glass.

This will likely leave Holly curious about what’s happening, leading EJ to make a difficult confession.

Knowing Holly will discover the truth anyway, EJ will admit to deceiving Nicole and Eric about Jude’s paternity.

Holly, who adores Eric and hates seeing him hurt, will likely confront EJ for the pain he caused.

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Meanwhile, Stefan will be concerned about becoming a revenge target along with Gabi, especially since he’s hiding his drunken hookup with Ava Vitali.

If EJ learns about this, he’ll likely relish breaking up Gabi and Stefan.

Other spoilers say Maggie Kiriakis will propose a plan to unite the Kiriakis family, possibly supporting Bonnie Kiriakis’ double wedding idea.

If Maggie’s plan involves a double wedding, will Alex Kiriakis and Theresa Donovan agree? What about Xander Cook and Sarah Horton?

A double wedding seems likely as it’s the easiest way to expose Theresa’s Kiriakis heir deception, especially with Xander’s mom expected to attend the wedding.

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Until then, Alex will face a tough decision.

Alex may learn about Holly and Tate Black’s summer scheme to be together. Will he inform Theresa?

Once Leo Stark meets a handsome new guy named Kerry, things will heat up between them at a Salem Inn suite.

Later, Leo will have a revealing therapy session with Marlena Evans, possibly sharing more than she wants to know.

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Jack Deveraux will lash out after learning Chad DiMera sought permission to exhume Abigail DiMera’s body.

Jack won’t understand why Chad wants to disturb Abigail’s final resting place.

However, Chad is desperate for answers since he got nowhere with the mystery woman video.

Though unsure if Clyde Weston was truthful about Abigail’s survival, Chad will urge Jack to explore this possibility.

Once Jack agrees, they’ll make a shocking graveside discovery.

Chad and Jack will be stunned when the casket is exhumed and Abigail’s body is missing.

On July 11, DOOL will air the final episode Bill Hayes filmed before his death.

Julie Williams will share a special moment with Doug, offering some bittersweet scenes.

At Bayview, Robert “Bobby” Stein will have significant updates on Li Shin’s case but will toy with Jada Hunter.

Jada will eventually get fed up and issue an ultimatum, prompting Bobby to reveal everything he knows about the real culprit.

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Connie Vilinski is responsible for Li’s death, but questions remain about her full agenda and how much Bobby knows.

Days spoilers suggest a killer will try to strike again, possibly Connie making another drastic move.

Days of Our Lives spoilers promise major revelations in the next two weeks, so stay tuned. will have more thrilling Days of Our Lives spoilers, predictions, updates, and news, so check back often for details.