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Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila’s Piercing Scream – Has the Mystery Been Unraveled?

In an upcoming episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila Carter unleashes a blood-curdling scream upon discovering something shocking behind the bar, as seen in next week’s previews for the CBS […]

In an upcoming episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila Carter unleashes a blood-curdling scream upon discovering something shocking behind the bar, as seen in next week’s previews for the CBS soap.

The presence of another body at Il Giardino suggests it’s likely someone familiar to B&B fans.

It’s possible that the lifeless body could even be Sheila’s own groom, following a perilous incident. As the mystery unfolds, questions arise about who this person is and how they ended up behind the bar.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Carter’s Scream Means Dead Body?

It takes a lot to rattle Sheila, so when she sees what fans believe is a dead body, her reaction suggests it’s someone she knows. But who is it, and why are they dead?

Well, maybe they’re not dead yet, it is possible that Sheila found this person only moments after they collapsed. Hints from Bold and the Beautiful have this looking like someone lying there after doing something hazardous to their health.

So, let’s look back at what we know so far. Tom fell dead after drinking his blue energy drink that someone laced.

The medical examiner documents his cause of death as a drug overdose. But neither Deacon nor Hollis will believe that of Tom.

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B&B Spoilers: Tom Starr’s Blue Drink

So far, the Bold and the Beautiful characters know a drug overdose is Tom’s cause of death. They have no idea someone slipped something into his drink. Fans debate whether Sheila Carter, Li or Poppy laced Tom’s drink.

It’s looking more like it was Poppy, but she likely never meant to kill him. If it’s her, she was probably trying to get him high and discredit him to get him fired.

This way, if he started his “I am the father” campaign, it would be hard for anyone to believe him. She whispered she was sorry when hearing about his death.

It also looked like she struggled with guilt last week on Bold and the Beautiful. So, if Poppy is the culprit, she likely loaded up his drink with her crushed special mints.

Because she and Tom used drugs together back in the day, she might have thought he needed more than the average person to get high. This would explain why there was enough of the drug in his blue drink to stop his heart.

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But now it looks like a couple of armchair detectives set out to get to the bottom of this, starting with Tom Starr’s blue drink.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sheila Stumbles on Investigation That Turned Deadly?

Sheila Carter was going about the restaurant’s daily chores when she stumbled upon something so awful that she screamed. Because not much flusters Sheila, it’s safe to say she wasn’t looking at a pile of broken glasses or even some critter that crawled in.

No, Sheila’s scream most certainly indicates she believes she is looking at someone dead. But who is it? Well, Hollis showed up in Bold and the Beautiful previews for next week having a hard time believing Tom was taking drugs.

Then there’s Deacon, who wouldn’t buy the drug overdose explanation from the get-go. If someone is going to die, it’s most likely Hollis lying there. But it could be Deacon if Bold and the Beautiful only makes this person near death with a chance at reviving him.

Sheila’s blood-curdling scream was drastic enough for her to find Deacon behind the bar. So, one feasible explanation for the events that left Sheila hitting those high notes at Il Giardino’s would be she found her new husband looking lifeless.

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But if so, once getting a closer look, he’s likely not dead, just unconscious. Or… it could be Hollis and he is dead.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: But How?

Either way, B&B viewers want to know how the person lying there gets overdosed like Tom. That’s easy… either Hollis or Deacon found Tom’s blue drink and took a swig to see if they could detect something suspicious.

But that swig was either enough to kill a man or render him unconscious. Whether this turns out to be, Deacon or Hollis, that scream from Sheila Carter means something terrible lies beneath that bar on Bold and the Beautiful next week.

Plus, it will likely start a homicide investigation, which could lead to Poppy’s special mints. So, is this mystery solved by this theory, or will something else completely different unfold?

This is what fans have to look forward to on Monday’s episode of the CBS soap. We get to discover what made Sheila Carter scream to high heaven upon her discovery on the restaurant floor.

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