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Y&R Recap: Adam deceived Sally about his interactions with Chelsea, while Victoria is urging Claire to adopt the Newman surname.

Tues July 9, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victor provokes Jack; Chelsea guilt-trips Adam; Audra delights in her new position. Monday’s recap: An inebriated and irate Kyle informs Jack that he’s […]

Tues July 9, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victor provokes Jack; Chelsea guilt-trips Adam; Audra delights in her new position.

Monday’s recap: An inebriated and irate Kyle informs Jack that he’s managing Glissade for the adversary, while Victor warns Claire about Kyle.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on July 9. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Nikki, Victoria, and Claire grab breakfast at Society. Victoria presses her daughter, checking if she’s alright.


She shares that she bumped into Grandpa, who was looking out for her.

Nikki describes him as very protective of his family.

Claire appreciates it, though it’s a new experience for her.

She confesses that he was attempting to dissuade her from pursuing a relationship with Kyle.


Nikki tells her that her grandpa despises Jack Abbott so it makes sense.

Victoria says he goes overboard. She’s butted heads with him over men in the past and admits he’s usually right. Claire calls her and Kyle “just friends.”

Nikki says both Jack and Victor are good men but they’ve been at war so long, they probably can’t recall how it started or why it continues. She should take Victor’s warnings with a grain of salt.


As Jack gets coffee, he tells Diane he never went to bed last night after a huge fight with their son.

He tells her that someone dropped a lot of money and took Tucker’s company from him.

Their son and Audra are co-CEOs of Glissade.


Diane’s rocked. He’ll be competing with his family’s company.

The press will find out fast so they need to get to the office to do damage control.

Diane asks if he hates them this much. He’s not sure what to think.


At the Athletic Club, Audra ends a call and tells Kyle they’ll be leading the news today.

Kyle’s phone is going to be lighting up because he filled his father in on them running Glissade together.

She wonders if that was smart but he shrugs her off.


He’s cocky and says there’s nothing his dad can do. She understands.

After the way his family treated him it does make sense.

“Once my folks have time to process, it’ll be game on.”


Chelsea runs into Bily’s arms at Chancellor-Winters and they embrace as she thinks about sex with Adam.

They talk about what happened with Connor.

Billy feels awful for her. He doesn’t get it.


She agrees it’s convoluted.

They felt like a normal family and everything was great but he punished himself later for feeling so good.

Billy knows she’ll do ‘everything in her power’ to ensure her son is okay and asks to take her to breakfast. They hug.

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Adam arrives home to Sally who has breakfast prepared.

She wonders if he wants that or anything else.

They hug and his smile turns into a grimace as he recalls being intimate with Chelsea.


They eat and Sally asks about Connor.

Adam says they’ll keep him for another day or two likely since he’s struggling.

She asks if that means he’s still hurting himself. Adam hasn’t a clue but they’re keeping an eye on him. Adam thinks it was a mistake of them to go there. They were being selfish.

All around, it’d have been better if he stayed home but the doctors think it’s a positive thing since the OCD doesn’t have as much of a grip on Connor.


Sally hopes he and Chelsea were able to find comfort and Adam looks guilty.

He gets up and starts drinking, making Sally asks if something happened between him and Chelsea.

He whispers, “I’m sorry.” He claims he’s distracted.


Worried about this. Sally thinks it’s more but he tells her it’s not.

She worries she’s pushing him toward her and knows stress can bring up old issues.

If they’re fighting again she won’t judge.

Adam lies. He assures they’re good. Sally’s glad since their kid needs them both.


Adam wants to do nothing today so Sally says Chloe can cover for her for a few hours while she sits with him.

He calls her patient and generous.

“We’ve been through a lot, Adam,” she says.

They can get through this, too. He kisses her.


Kyle and Audra run into Victor at Chancellor Park. Kyle tells him that his father knows about Glissade.

His mom probably knows too.

Victor says he’s leased a suite of offices but assumes they’ll spend most of their time in Paris.


They talked about that and said they’d split the duties up.

Relocate Gliissade to Genoa City.

Victor says sure, but they need to relocate the satellite companies into one entity which will take time and effort.

Audra will spearhead what’s going on in Paris while he takes care of things here.

Victor thought they’d be a team. Audra says they will but on different continents.

Victor doesn’t look happy to hear that. He gives them the address to pick up keys to the suites and tells Kyle to leave him with Audra.


Kyle goes and Audra sits with Victor while he warns that Kyle wonders if she can carry her weight in this.

“He thinks two execs are one more than necessary.”

Audra’s not happy that Kyle asked Victor “why do we need Audra?” She isn’t surprised and even expected it. Vic says he’s got an eye on things. He wants her to watch his back.

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She asks if he trusts Kyle. He thinks Kyle is gifted and ambitious.

Wants to prove something to his dad which could be a weakness. He never trusts anyone completely, he tells the brunette.


At the office, Diane tells Jack she saw Audra and Kyle together recently.

They think she’s devious and wonder why she’d want to team up with Kyle again. They assume the mystery benefactor is the one who is going to benefit from this.

They can’t blame Tucker. Who else has motive and means? Diane lifts her eyebrows.


Jack says, “Victor Newman.” It’s classic and they should have seen it coming.

Diane says Jack and Nikki set him up.

They get a notification. It’s the news about Glissade without mention of the secret investor — Victor. They damn the mustache. Diane brings up Nikki again and Jack gets crusty.

“Can we not go there again?” Jack doesn’t like her reminding him of his overdose every chance she gets.

Diane apologizes. Jack is sorry for what he did with Nikki. “I was wrong.”

Diane’s forgiven him and blames herself for not making things with Kyle work at Jabot. Jack goes off to see his enemy.


Back at Society, Nikki and Victoria are shocked by the news that just came in about Audra and Kyle taking over Glissade.

Claire admits Kyle told her last night.

The women wonder why Kyle would make a move that will not make Jack happy.

Kyle walks up and Victoria congratulates him. It’s so sudden.

He says it’s been in the works. Nikki asks what his parents think.


He says they haven’t said much yet. Nikki assumes it’s coming since they’re in competition.

Claire’s happy for him. He takes her aside to talk about “play date scheduling” and Victoria says not to say it.

She knows they’re thinking about the same thing.


At the bar, Kyle thanks Claire for not telling them about Glissade.

She asks if there is something going on between her grandpa and him since he warned her away from him.

This is curious to Kyle. He tells her he genuinely likes her and would never hurt her.

Later, when Claire is gone, Victoria thinks Claire’s surname should change to Newman. When her kid returns, she asks if that’s what she wants.


Is she reconsidering the nanny position? She says no.

Audra turns up and Claire congratulates her. Kyle tells the nanny to pick up his kid from the doctor’s.

She’s on it. Kyle and Audra go to work. Outside, Kyle seems paranoid of Audra who tells him she wants to check their new office out. He has to take care of something first so they agree to meet there.

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Billy and Chelsea arrive at the Athletic Club. He tells her Johnny and Katie are home and they discuss Johnny learning about two new siblings.

Claire handled it well, Johnny’s cracking jokes and Katie’s having a hard time.

She’ll come around. Chelsea tells him to give her support.

She looks at the menu and admits nothing looks appetizing.

She didn’t get rest last night so he offers to take her home so she can sleep. She calls him amazing when he tells her they’ll pick up groceries and doesn’t think she deserves him.


Kyle drops by Jabot. Diane asks if he’s there to steal corporate secrets for his new job.

Should she call security? Kyle says Jabot has nothing he needs.

Kyle thinks having young dynamic leadership goes a long way.

Diane says that and Jabot’s marketing information for the last years.

Kyle calls it dated. She’d know if she listened to his suggestions.


Diane doesn’t want to do this. He’s her son and she loves him more than anything in the world but right now, she’s angry with him.

She chokes up. He feels the same and asks where his dad is. She asks what he wants.

He came to see how they’re taking the Glissade news. Diane calls it gloating and it’s breaking her and his dad’s hearts. He accuses her of trying to treat him like a little boy and slapping him down while she thinks this is nonsense.

He’s better than this. Kyle vows to beat them at their own game.

Diane tells her son that no matter what, they love him, even when he’s making foolish decisions. He dismisses her love being unconditional and takes off.


Jack goes to Victor’s office and points a finger at the mustache when he walks into the room.

“I warned you. My family is off limits!” Victor asks if he’s going to throw a chair out the window again.


Jack accuses him of using his son to get revenge on him and Victor accuses Jack of grandstanding.

Jack warns his enemy will pay for this. Victor shrugs. He was a lousy dad and now he’s facing the consequences of his own actions.


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