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B&B Recap: After Hope spurns Thomas once more, he confesses he was merely making a point, and Brooke fears Hope might act impulsively.

Mon July 8, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Li issues another warning to Finn about Sheila, while Ridge and Brooke discuss whether Thomas is rebounding. Meanwhile, Paris expresses to Thomas […]

Mon July 8, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Li issues another warning to Finn about Sheila, while Ridge and Brooke discuss whether Thomas is rebounding.

Meanwhile, Paris expresses to Thomas her eagerness to get married.

Friday’s Early B&B recap: Thomas proposes to a distraught Hope once more after she pleads with him not to marry Paris.

In Eric’s garden, Paris discusses her upcoming wedding with Ridge and Brooke, expressing how perfect she thinks it would be to get married there.


With a sigh, she mentions how eager she is to become Thomas’ wife. She acknowledges that not everyone is thrilled—like Hope.

She had her opportunity with him but chose to let him go. Now, she’s struggling to move forward.


Paris can’t wait to fully commit. Ridge can’t wait to welcome her to the family.


She wanders off to find her fiancé.

Ridge and Brooke joke about how much he wants to see her in a bikini. She suggests they go skinny-dipping later.


They return to talking about Thomas and Hope. He thinks his son is ready to move on but she’s sure this is a rebound.

He thinks Hope should start thinking the engagement is real.


Ridge thinks that Hope needs to get on board. Brooke explains her daughter has been struggling.

He’s confused. She explains that she’s worried her daughter might do something she will regret.

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She worries that Paris is just a distraction for Thomas. Ridge says he’s found a nice girl, not just some “floozy from Pacoma.”

He believes that his son has really moved on and this is for real. Hope’s pain is temporary and there’s a man out there for her too.


At Eric’s, Thomas asks Hope if she will marry him.


She knows he knows how he feels about her, but… He knows she’s not ready to marry him.

He knew what she would say and he’s sure she will never be able to marry him. That’s why he’s moved on.


Thomas says he could easily pull their family in and let Carter marry them now but her answer would still be “no.”

She broke his heart but he fell in love with Paris so he’s whole again.

Taking her hand, he says they will always be connected because of Douglas, but he has found his person and is happy.


He’s sure she will find happiness too.

Once she’s gone, Paris comes in and tells Thomas how excited she is to be marrying at his family’s estate.


She can’t understand Hope playing the victim here. He says it’s just hard for her to process.

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Thomas is only focused on Paris now and the lives they are making together.


Li stops by Finn’s office, surprised to see him there when he is supposed to be with his family.


He says that he and Steffy are good but she worries about all the conflict there has been in his marriage.

His mom starts to rant about all Sheila has done to their family. He knows.


Li tells him to save his sympathy for his patients and family. They need to come first.

He assures her they do and she urges him to cut Sheila out permanently.

He’s told his birth mother that he is done with her.

Li tells him that Sheila will be the death of his marriage if he’s not careful.


She sits and they discuss Hope’s relationship with Deacon. She notes that he and Hope are both tied to him.

Li doesn’t like how Hope is influencing his decisions.

He says she’s not. He shouldn’t have stayed at the wedding. It was just an accident.


His mom says he chose to stay and that was disrespectful to his wife.

“Not only do you need to stay away from Sheila, you need to stay away from Hope. I only say this out of love. Now get out of here,” she commands with a smile.

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When Finn stops by Forrester Creations to pick up a folder for Steffy, he bumps into Hope and guesses something is up.


She doesn’t want to dump her problems on him but he reminds her that’s what friends are for.

She informs him that Thomas is engaged to another woman. He heard about that.


They rehash why she rejected his proposal. The doctor doesn’t blame her for not trusting Thomas.

She thought she did trust him and is just concerned about how impulsive this is. She doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Her son has suffered enough already.

Finn can see she still cares about Thomas. She declares it is “too much.” It’s like Thomas is running from his feelings for her.


He tells her how much he admires her and assures her she is not being arrogant. Taking her, hands, he tells her there is a man out there who will come along and steal her heart.

They stare into each other’s eyes.


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