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Days of Our Lives Recap: Nicole Requests a Divorce and Takes Off Her Wedding Ring – Eric Cancels His Move to Paris

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Tuesday, July 9, reveals that Gabi Hernandez DiMera justified EJ DiMera’s public exposure, stating that Eric Brady deserved to know the truth about Jude Brady. […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Tuesday, July 9, reveals that Gabi Hernandez DiMera justified EJ DiMera’s public exposure, stating that Eric Brady deserved to know the truth about Jude Brady.
Holding a champagne flute, Gabi raises her chin with a triumphant expression.

Stefan DiMera countered that Gabi simply wanted to get back at EJ, but Gabi insisted EJ got what he deserved.

Although Gabi hoped to move on, Stefan insisted they couldn’t because she had left him to handle the consequences of her actions.

At the airport, Nicole DiMera recounted the press conference story and revealed how Gabi had exposed Jude’s paternity.

Eric also learned that Sloan Petersen had altered all the DNA test results and that EJ kept quiet once he found out.

Nicole handed over Jude for a touching father-son reunion before admitting that EJ thought they would reunite if they knew Eric was the father.

Eric realized he couldn’t take the job in Paris, so he canceled his move and decided to stay in Salem.

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At the DiMera mansion, Holly Jonas overheard part of EJ’s outburst and asked what was going on.

Holly warily narrows her eyes at EJ

EJ confessed about all the paternity drama, leaving Holly feeling conflicted.

Part of Holly was angry with EJ for the pain he caused Eric and Nicole, but she also understood his desperation to lie.

Stefan met with EJ to explain that he never intended for any of this to happen, but EJ remained vengeful, stating that the damage was done.

When Nicole came home later, EJ hoped for a conversation. Instead, Nicole removed her wedding ring and asked for a divorce.

Meanwhile, Eric ran into Gabi in the town square and thanked her for doing the right thing.

Gabi felt proud and mentioned she owed Eric since she withheld her bone marrow for Rachel Black until she secured an immunity deal.

At the townhouse, Theresa Donovan and Brady Black waited for Tate Black, where Theresa complained about Brady trying to convince Alex Kiriakis she was a gold digger.

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Wide-eyed, Theresa gapes at Brady

Brady admitted his theory about the briefcase in Greece but apologized for speculating, as Theresa claimed to be a woman of integrity now.

In the park, Tate gave Aaron Greene his driver’s license for lacrosse camp, explaining he told the DMV he lost it to get a new one.

Alex showed up and claimed he knew what the boys were up to, causing Tate and Aaron to panic briefly.

With his hands on his hips, a shirtless and suspicious Alex faces Aaron and Tate in the park

Luckily, it was a false alarm as Alex assumed Tate was helping Aaron get a fake ID. Alex, recalling his own youth, promised not to tell.

Once Tate returned to the townhouse, he assured Brady and Theresa they didn’t need to drive him to the airport.

Theresa insisted, but Alex called her home to sign the prenup as the lawyers needed it done immediately.

Alex studies Theresa as she intently reads paperwork

Brady allowed Aaron to drive Tate, enabling Aaron to catch his flight to New York – leaving Tate and Holly excited to plan their summer together.

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Back at the townhouse, Brady was surprised when Eric showed up with Jude, as Eric was supposed to be heading to Paris.

Eric said he thought Brady would want to meet his nephew, leaving Brady puzzled.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate Eric will continue to reconnect with Jude and plan for a new chapter, so stay tuned for updates on Nicole’s exit and its effects. is your go-to source for exciting Days of Our Lives spoilers, predictions, updates, and news, so make us your top DOOL destination.