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Y&R Recap: Sharon’s absence worries Faith as she misses Cassie, while Daniel expresses his gratitude to Sharon for keeping Lucy in the dark about the accident.

Tues July 10, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Nate questions Audra’s choice to collaborate with Kyle; Sharon is troubled by memories from her past; Daniel decides on his future direction. Monday’s […]

Tues July 10, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Nate questions Audra’s choice to collaborate with Kyle; Sharon is troubled by memories from her past; Daniel decides on his future direction.

Monday’s recap: Adam deceived Sally about his interactions with Chelsea, while Victoria is urging Claire to adopt the Newman surname.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on July 10. Expect Canadian spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Audra spots Nate at Society, engrossed in the news about Glissade.

She proposes getting him an autographed copy, to which he responds by hailing her as the woman of the hour.


Audra joins Nate and they discuss the final details needed to ensure they can “hit the ground running.”

When Nate inquires where to send flowers, Audra responds, “1123 Franklin Avenue, penthouse suite.” Impressed, Nate then mentions her history of partnering with ex-lovers.

She assures him she can manage Kyle. Nate draws a parallel between Kyle and Tucker, labeling both as rich, cocky, and entitled.

Audra dismisses the comparison, insisting Kyle is nothing like Tucker.

Nate doesn’t see it her way. Audra speculates whether Nate is jealous, which he quickly denies.


Audra tells him they’re not lovers. Nate’s glad she’s not repeating what she did with Tucker. Audra learned her lesson.

Still, thinks aren’t as ideal as she hoped. It’s day one and she’s already under attack by Kyle.

Nate tells her to “fire his ass before he takes you down.” She’d like to but can’t right now because he was handpicked by her investor for the job. Nate’s stunned.

He worries her investor is using her but she tells him he was the one who warned her against Kyle. Nate asks who the person is but she can’t tell him.


At the Abbott mansion, Kyle does a phone interview when Summer arrives to ask if it’s true.

She’s angry that he’s moving and didn’t tell her and calls him delusional for thinking he can take Harrison from her.

He tells her he’s moving out of the house, not to Paris.

He can’t live under the same roof as the mother who fired him and the father who let her?


Summer wishes they could focus on their son.

She calls this a dynamic that Kyle helped create. Harrison’s happy here.

Kyle thinks he’ll be happy at a new house too and jokes that he’ll buy one with a pool and get a puppy.

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He thought she’d be happy not to see his mother daily. Summer calls him selfish.

She can tolerate his mom if it means their son is safe.

He’s had so much upheaval as it is but Kyle says they’re thinking of it as an adventure.

Harrison’s excited and Kyle asks her to get on board and help their son pick out things for his new room.


She says she gets a say in where their son lives. “Do you?” He asks. She asks if he’s cutting her out. “Course not.” He doesn’t like her lecturing him on how to behave.


In fact, she never agrees with him on anything anymore.

She just thinks he doesn’t care about anything but getting back into business with his ex-bed buddy and canoodling with the nanny.

If that’s the father he’s going to be, Summer says she’ll do something about it.


Kyle’s trying to be fair and think of what her brother said.

He told him to see things from Summer’s perspective. Maybe she’s trying to feel more involved because she feels she’s being squeezed out of Harrison’s life.

Summer calls it ridiculous. Kyle tells her she doesn’t need to hire lawyers.


Summer knows Claire’s important to Harrison.

This is about Kyle’s bad business decisions. He’s handing her ammunition to get primary custody. He tells her to stop threatening him or bring it. “I will be ready and I will win.”

She’s not even Harrison’s biological mother.

If she goes after custody, she’ll fail. Summer’s eyes widen in surprise.


Claire wanders in and things get uncomfortable.

She tells them she came in to make Harrison a snack. Summer leaves and Claire apologizes for the interruption.

They were planting a vegetable garden outside and didn’t hear them fighting.

Kyle’s glad for that at least.

They decide to take a walk if Harrison can stay home with Mrs. Martinez.


At Chancellor Park, Heather tells Daniel it’s a good time for her to leave town.

He worries but she explains that it’s a good time for her to visit her dad outside of Genoa City.

Daniel is relieved. They kiss and he asks to take this back to their apartment. Heather takes a raincheck.


She’s meeting their daughter. Daniel asks after her dad who she calls lonely.

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Daniel thinks the three of them should go together and make it a family vacation.


They think Lucy should get a vote but aren’t sure they can tear her away from fangirling over Faith.

Heather remembers being her age and fangirling over order girls.


Lucy goes to Sharon’s to find Faith but Sharon tells the girl she’s not home and invites her in.

Lucy should have known. Faith is popular.


Lucy bought a bracelet for her and wanted to drop it off. She sees a photo of Cassie and mistakes her for Mariah.

Sharon tells her it’s Mariah’s twin who died. Her eyes glisten with tears as she talks about how much she misses her.

When prompted, Sharon tells Lucy all about Cassie, how she loved drawing and flowers and every four legged creature.

Faith turns up and Lucy gives her the bracelet and says the beads are jasper.


They’re supposed to bring peace. Faith is surprised.

Lucy starts to feel like she’s being weird but Faith likes it. It goes with her blue dress.

They sit and talk about Cassie and the horrible car crash.


“Yeah,” Faith says and asks to meet up later since she has some things to do.

Lucy takes off and Faith calls Lucy sweet but asks why she’s looking at Cassie’s scrapbook.

Sharon shrugs her daughter off. She’s just thinking of her.

Faith blames herself for bringing her up in the first place.


Sharon admits it did start her up but everything is fine. Sharon lets her in on a secret.

She tears up again and says once in a while she needs a good cry.


Cassie was so special and she doesn’t want to forget her so she keeps her memory fresh by looking at photos.


Faith hates seeing her mom sad but Sharon calls thinking of Cassie a good thing.

They hug and Faith goes while Sharon takes a photo of her, Nick and Cassie from the album and leaves the house.


Summer interrupts Daniel and Heather’s coffee date at Crimson Lights.

Heather goes to meet Lucy and Summer asks why her brother spoke with Kyle about her.

He was concerned. Summer says he should have stayed out of it.

It made her look irrational. Daniel’s expression makes her realize that’s what he thinks.


She tells him she spoke to their mom and her dad about it and they suggested not to call lawyers.

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Daniel thinks that should settle it. If even mom doesn’t like the idea, she shouldn’t do it.

Summer bellows about Kyle’s selfishness but Daniel doesn’t think it’s a good idea to drag Harrison through a custody case. He’s reminded of going through one as a kid.

Summer doesn’t want to put Harrison through a custody battle but if she has to fight for her son she will.


Sharon appears in the door and hears them arguing. She asks what’s going on and the siblings keep arguing. Summer goes inside and Daniel sighs to Sharon. “Family, right?” She hopes everything is okay.


So does he. Sharon’s glad to run into him. She says Lucy stopped by to see Faith. She saw her scrapbook photos of Cassie and it was clear she didn’t know about the history.


Sharon says she only told her that Cassie died in a car crash. Daniel says that night still haunts him.

Sharon says it’s the same for her. Daniel appreciates her not saying anything about it to his daughter.

He’s not sure he could face her knowing about his guilt.


Claire and Kyle wind up walking to Chancellor Park. He apologizes that she walked in on the fight between him and Summer. She brushes it off. People disagree.

Kyle says it’s turning into a battle and the tension isn’t good for Harrison.

“Takes two to start things up,” Claire points out. Kyle knows he’s been difficult.

He wants to find a compromise and see things from Summer’s perspective.

Claire feels like she’s a part of the problem. He says maybe to a lesser degree but she’s been a boon for Harrison and is a good friend. That means a lot to Claire.


At the GCAC, Lucy tells Heather she brought Faith the bracelet she found and “she totally loved it.” She brings up the scrapbook of Cassie and how sad Ms Newman was.

Heather claims Cassie’s death is tragic and it’s taken her dad a long time to get past what happened.

Lucy seems confused.


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