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B&B Recap: Finn reassures Hope that she’ll find the man she’s meant to be with, while Donna expresses reservations about Thomas’ engagement.

Tues July 9, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Donna expresses her concerns about the engagement, Steffy endorses the engagement wholeheartedly, and Hope attempts to sort through her emotions. Monday’s Early […]

Tues July 9, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Donna expresses her concerns about the engagement, Steffy endorses the engagement wholeheartedly, and Hope attempts to sort through her emotions.

Monday’s Early B&B recap: After Hope spurns Thomas once more, he confesses he was merely making a point, and Brooke fears Hope might act impulsively.

In the Forrester Creations office, Finn reassures Hope that her feelings are valid, suggesting that perhaps she was hoping Thomas would return and rekindle their relationship.


She acknowledges that Finn really understands her. Finn advises her that Thomas is genuinely committed to Paris, and that this is for the best for everyone, especially Hope.

Hope still feels the wedding is too rushed and suspects Steffy is hastening it to keep her away from her brother.

Finn disagrees, believing Hope deserves someone better than Thomas. At this, Hope gives the doctor a skeptical squint.


She doesn’t understand any of this. The doctor says Steffy says her brother and Paris want a life together.

“Why did I turn him down?” she wonders. He says that’s the right question to ask.


She didn’t want to lose him but forever is terrifying. She twitches.

Shock, envy, or jealousy she could understand but what she’s feeling makes no sense.

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She wonders if she wants Thomas because she can’t have him.

Finn is sure she will find love again.

He assures her there is life after Thomas.

She tries forcing a smile.


Hope worries that she made a mistake but he says the right guy for her is out there. She deserves love.

Her message impacts on people all over the world. She needs to stop letting guys let her down.

When she least expects it, the guy she is meant to be with will be in front of her.

She smiles at him.


At the cliff house, Paris and Thomas tells Steffy all about the photos that Douglas has been taking.


Steffy loves what a beautiful little family they are and how excited they are about the future.

They get the Steffy seal of approval.


The couple announce they are planning a traditional Forrester wedding at Eric’s house.

Douglas shows Steffy the pictures he’s been taking. She’s impressed.


He goes on about how happy he is and how great it is to have Paris around.

Steffy is glad they are all back.

Douglas wanders off to play with Kelly and Hayes.

As she re-fills their drinks, Steffy talks about how great it is to see Douglas so happy.

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Paris hopes that Douglas can get through to Hope.


They say the news must be very new to Hope but she will get over it. They are happy anyway.

Steffy complains about the way Hope has been acting lately. She wonders what’s really going on with her.

When Paris and Douglas go for a walk, Thomas and his sister talk about the traditional Forrester wedding.


He worries that Hope is struggling with this. His sister reminds him that Hope turned him down. Paris didn’t and she’s wonderful.

She hasn’t seen him so free and at ease in a long time.

Steffy says that he could never measure up for Hope and that’s not right or fair.

She urges him to move on and move to Europe to have a spectacular life.

When he comes back, Hope will have moved on.


At his place, Eric says he was touched that Thomas wants to do the wedding there and carry on the family tradition.


Donna says she has nothing against Paris, but she’s not buying this wedding thing.

She can’t help wondering if Thomas is over Hope.


Brooke and Ridge exchange looks. Ridge doesn’t understand all the concern.

He knows part of his son will always love Hope but he’s with Paris now and he thinks they are good for each other.

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Donna is curious about the timing of the wedding.

Ridge defends it but Eric admits that Hope’s feelings complicate things.

Ridge sighs and rubs his face. He’s not insensitive to Hope but…


Brooke says her daughter is lost and confused.

She wonders if Steffy is pushing Thomas and Paris together to keep him away from Hope.

Ridge shakes his head. Brooke is less convinced.


The four of them debate the rushed engagement, recalling that Thomas and Paris used to live together as friends.

Ridge insists none of this has been forced.

He doesn’t know what to say. His son has moved on. Maybe Hope can too.


After Eric and Donna go down to the pool, Ridge tells Brooke he’s sorry about all this but sure Hope will bounce back.


That doesn’t change Thomas moving on.

Hope fill find someone special too.

They kiss. Brooke looks worried.


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