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Bold and the Beautiful: Hollis dies after taking a sip of Tom’s blue drink – could this reveal the killer?

Bold and the Beautiful suggests that Hollis meets a fatal end after tasting Tom Starr’s drink while probing his downfall on the CBS soap. Sheila Carter emits a chilling scream as evidence […]

Bold and the Beautiful suggests that Hollis meets a fatal end after tasting Tom Starr’s drink while probing his downfall on the CBS soap.

Sheila Carter emits a chilling scream as evidence suggests she stumbles upon her colleague’s lifeless body. B&B provides sufficient hints to formulate a theory.

This theory proposes that both deaths were accidental, intended merely to tarnish Tom’s reputation as a drug user to secure his dismissal.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hollis is Not a Drug Addict – Red Flags Fly

Deacon was adamant that Tom did not take drugs. So, in his eyes, the cause of death is wrong.

But Deacon was not alone in this thinking, Hollis (Hollis W. Chambers) also joined Deacon in not believing Tom Starr died of a drug overdose.

This week, it looks like Hollis meets his demise in the same manner as Tom. Or he is near death when found.

So, this could spark a double murder mystery on Bold and the Beautiful. But there is a twist somewhere, so here is a feasible theory or two on what that might be.

B&B Spoilers: Who Spiked Tom Starr’s Drink – Likely Also Killing Hollis?

Poppy acted extremely sad and worried after she learned Tom was dead. Earlier that day, Tom showed up at Poppy’s front door with a pizza no one ordered.

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But the pizza was the furthest from his mind. He was there to declare that he fathered Poppy’s daughter.

So, next, Tom planned to tell the world, including Poppy’s daughter, Luna. But that never happened. He was killed after someone laced his drink. So, that declaration never got beyond Poppy.

Bill is ecstatic to have a daughter. So much so, that he plans to adopt Luna.

This will make her part of his family and legally include her as an heir to the fortune he amassed. So Tom’s campaign to claim Luna as his daughter would have destroyed everything.

For that reason, Poppy is at the top of the short list of suspects for the Bold and the Beautiful fans. But she could never kill anyone, or at least as far as what we’ve seen so far.

So, she likely crushed up her left-over special mints (she said she quit taking them). Then dumped them in Tom’s drink, or so the theory goes.

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It’s possible she just wanted to incapacitate Tom Starr and make him look like a drug addict. This way, he’d lose his job, and end up back on the streets.

Then, if Tom Starr started spreading his father of Luna story, people would not likely believe him.

But what if the free-spirited woman spiked his drink and underestimated the power of those special mints? Instead of making him loopy, it killed him.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Tom the First, Hollis the Second Homicide Victim?

Hollis was sure Tom didn’t do drugs, so sure that he probably started investigating around the restaurant. If he found Tom Starr’s blue energy drink, he could swig it to see if it was laced with something. Then he goes down next.

But if that is who Sheila sees that makes her scream bloody murder, she may be showing her talent for acting.

Another feasible theory is none other than Sheila Carter killed Tom and when Hollis started to investigate, she spiked his drink as well.

Sheila would have access to Hollis that Poppy doesn’t. Sheila works side-by-side with the guy. Poppy wouldn’t know Hollis is trying to get to the bottom of Tom Starr’s death… but Sheila would.

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So, if it was Sheila who did this, then it likely plays out like murder. But if Poppy laced the drink only to get him high on drugs, then the deaths were accidental, under these theories.

She would likely be looking at some wording of homicide with extending circumstances.

Either way, it sounds like another person is found dead by the end of the week on Bold and the Beautiful. Or close to death. We already know Tom died from a laced drink.

Now, the next death looks like it could be Hollis. But who knows, maybe the second person is close to death but can be revived.

If that’s the case, then maybe it is Deacon who Sheila sees sprawled out on the floor and screams. But that blue drink is bound to surface as the CBS soap rolls along this week.

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