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Y&R Recap: Billy and Sally grow suspicious of Chelsea and Adam, Connor experiences a breakthrough, and Katie begins to warm up to Claire.

Weds July 11, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Lily takes a daring step, Claire battles to find her place within her family, and Devon and Nate devise a plan to outmaneuver […]

Weds July 11, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Lily takes a daring step, Claire battles to find her place within her family, and Devon and Nate devise a plan to outmaneuver Billy.

Tuesday’s recap: Sharon’s absence worries Faith as she misses Cassie, while Daniel expresses his gratitude to Sharon for keeping Lucy in the dark about the accident.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on July 11. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon explains to Nate that clear communication is essential for successfully splitting the companies.

Nate concurs, noting that word has already spread throughout the company, sparking questions about what the future holds. Devon emphasizes his intention to be fair to Jill in their dealings.


Nate suggests some strategies to streamline the process, but he thinks they should wait for Lily to join them before discussing further.

Devon, however, believes Lily won’t be joining them as they haven’t spoken since the vote.

Lily walks in with an apology for not being in touch. Devon asks if things have settled enough for her to tell Billy she’s not joining him at Chancellor.

Nate’s given the boot while Lily explains she hasn’t told Billy she’s not joining him. It’s too soon.

Devon can’t trust her. She knew Jill was sick and said nothing.

Lily reminds him that it wasn’t her information to pass along. Devon knows.

Still, it adds to the uncertainty of the situation.


Lily worries about how Jill will take it and that she’ll be letting Billy hanging.

Devon thinks Billy wants to work on his own but Lily doesn’t think so.

They’ve history and they make a good team.

She doesn’t think he’ll want to lose that.

Devon wonders what she’ll get out of it, constantly keeping him in line.


She rolls her eyes. She’s done it before.

Jill means a lot to her though and she feels guilty. Jill risked it all to hand her company over to her.

Devon thinks she exceeded Jill’s expectations and wonders if that’s why she’s having a hard time walking away.

Because she did so much for the company. Lily agrees he might be right.

She asks if they’ll be equal partners in the company. He can tell she thinks he’s controlling but he vows that they’ll be equal.


He can see she’s considering joining Billy and Jill. Lily says what’ll that mean for them if she says yes? It’s not like he needs her.

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Devon says he agreed to separate the companies because she agreed to come with him. It’s disappointing.

She doesn’t want to let him or Neil down. She needs time. She goes off and Nate reappears with questions about where things stand with Lily.

Devon doesn’t know where things stand with her.


Harrison and Claire arrive at Chancellor Park with food to feed the ducks. He says Zippy stayed home but they have other toys and water for them.

They’re prepared for fun. They have shovels for digging, too. Claire tells him they’re scholar adventurers and looking for earthworms.

She explains that they help give the soil nutrients. They take off.


Katie and Johnny come into Crimson Lights arguing about who rides shotgun.

Victoria trails behind and buys them lemonade.

Billy strolls in and can see that the kids look restful between gaming, riding and friends. He’s grateful they’re healthy.


Johnny jokes he’s getting soft in his old age. They see Chelsea in the other room and wave.

They all say to give Chelsea their best. Billy wants to do a movie night soon.

He tells Katie to be nice to Mom, gives them his love and goes to Chelsea.


Billy comments that she is trembling and looking mighty guilty. He thinks this is about the kids.

She plays along. Talk turns to Connor and how Johnny’s thriving.

It warms Chelsea’s heart and gives her hope about Connor. They decide on lunch at Society.


Sally and Adam sit at Society. She tells him her and Chloe are back, all systems are firing.

He’s glad. She’s glad to be back where she belongs and it feels like the right move for Chloe. Summer is thrilled with the work they’re doing.

Adam flashes to se.x with Chelsea as Sally talks about Marchetti’s new fashion line she designed herself.


He looks pained. She offers to model it.

He tells her he can’t wait but he can’t stop thinking about rolling around in bed with Chelsea.


Sally questions him.

Adam apologizes for spacing out.

She says whatever is on his mind, he can tell her.

What he and Chelsea had to endure, is unbearable.


Adam says there’s something he needs to tell her when Billy and Chelsea stroll up.

Sally invites them to join them and Adam and Chelsea stare unhappily at each other. It’s awkward.

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Sally asks if Billy’s ordering the usual and Adam says he didn’t know that they knew each other.


Sally says there’s nothing to be jealous about but they ran into each other while he and Chelsea were in Baltimore.

She gives them kudos for holding it together about Connor.

Adam says they do what they have to do when their kid is hurting.

Billy notices how Adam and Chelsea can barely look at each other and furrows his brow in thought.


They talk about what happened with Connor and how they’re trying not to spiral.

Adam admits that last night they got blind drunk. That helped.

Billy doesn’t blame them. It’s probably why they’re tired. Chelsea says Adam’s exaggerating.

They had a few drinks and called it a night.

When the doctor calls, Chelsea jumps to get it while Sally looks at Adam curiously.


Chelsea talks to Hammond for a bit and disconnects.

She tells Adam that their kid is back in his room and stopped dissociating.

He had a breakthrough and the doctors think he’s turning a corner.

They embrace with Sally and Billy awkwardly watching.

Later, Connor texts.


He wants to video chat so the exes take off to Adam’s place to do so while Sally and Billy stay behind.

She comments that this whole ordeal has bonded them. Billy agrees.


They part ways when Lily walks up and asks if Billy spoke with Jill.

He hasn’t since she’s been in another round of treatment.

He isn’t sure what her thoughts are on the split and asks if she can tell him she’s in. She says she’s in.

They’ll make an announcement. They grin at one another and he tells her to trust him. She won’t regret this.


Johnny Katie and Victoria arrive at Chancellor Park. Johnny brings up how sad Chelsea seemed.

Victoria says it’s about Connor but that she’s managing. Johnny worries since Connor’s been through so much.

Katie asks if he’ll be okay and Victoria says he’s receiving treatment. Johnny wishes he could do more.

Katie says they can do something with him when he comes home.

Harrison high fives Johnny when he and Claire turn up and Katie gives Claire the cold shoulder.


Harrison introduces his cousins to Claire and is shocked to learn that Claire is Johnny and Katie’s sibling.

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He thinks they’re lucky. Johnny calls Claire cool.

Harrison takes Johnny to find the worms and Claire invites Katie to come.


She passes and once Claire is gone, they get to talking about Katie taking intermediate ballet next year since she did so well this year.

She talks about hanging out with old friends from Walnut Grove and Victoria offers to take her to Chicago for shopping and to see a show.

They watch the kids play as they talk and Katie thought she’d be too busy with Claire, her firstborn.

When Johnny returns to ask if they want ice cream, Katie’s flippant. Johnny calls her on it.


Harrison and Claire return and Harrison gifts Katie flowers.

He thought she could use cheering up. Katie thinks Claire put him up to it but she thought they were for his mama.

This softens Katie who decides to go for ice cream with them. She takes Claire’s arm and they head out.


At Adam’s condo, Chelsea berates Adam for telling their partners that they got drunk.

Adam thinks the best thing is to be as honest as they can.

Chelsea calls the sex a big mistake and Adam says it was about solace and comfort but they need to put it behind them.

They got good news today and he wants to focus on it.


They call their son and he tells them about how he tried to hurt himself and that they put him in an inpatient room.

He admits he used to give in to the obsessions because they were hard to fight.

He says it’s over now.


They’re glad to hear. Connor admits that for the first time, he thinks he might get better. Chelsea and Adam are so proud of him.

The OCD was mad and wanted him to hurt himself. Adam knows it sounds scary. Connor knew he had to fight back and he did it.

He also pushed the OCD voice away and called the nurse. The voice got weaker as did the urge to hurt himself.

Everything he learned snapped into place. Chelsea calls this wonderful.


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