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B&B Recap: Brooke accuses Hope of using Thomas to mask her feelings for Finn, while Steffy assures Finn that no one can come between them.

Weds July 10, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Finn attempts to reassure Steffy of his commitment, Bill questions Deacon about whether Tom had any family, and Hope finds herself unable […]

Weds July 10, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Finn attempts to reassure Steffy of his commitment, Bill questions Deacon about whether Tom had any family, and Hope finds herself unable to focus on anything.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Finn reassures Hope that she’ll find the man she’s meant to be with, while Donna expresses reservations about Thomas’ engagement.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn are passionately kissing.

He expresses to her that he never wants her to doubt the depth of his love.


She assures him that she has never doubted his love. He emphasizes that she should never worry about being his top priority.


The doctor admits he was getting carried away with trying to help people and embrace the good, even if that meant pulling Sheila in their lives.

Can she forgive him? She deserves to be loved and respected and he will do that.


She tears up as he vows to always put her first.

She tells him how upsetting it was to hear about Sheila.

Steffy is done with talking about that. He understands that she might not forgive him now.

His wife believes him and that’s why she forgives him.

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He promises never to let her down again.

They kiss and she says they can’t let anyone come between them again.


At Forrester Creations, Brooke notices that her daughter is having a hard time concentrating.

Hope is making all kinds of mistakes inventorying rings.


Her mom knows she’s upset but Thomas made a decision because she made a decision.

Hope knows but it’s still hard for her to understand what’s happening. Her mom thinks she wanted to reunite with Thomas.

Hope says Douglas’ involvement complicates things. She owns rejecting Thomas numerous times.

Her mom suspects there is more…like her feelings for Finn.


Hope clutches her mug. Her mom suggests this seems to be a way for her to run away from her attraction to Steffy’s husband.


Hope says that Thomas made her feel secure.

Her mom gets how nice that must have been after Liam.

But she’s been involved in passionate relationships too and they tend to make you cover up things.


She’s sure it’s not intentional, but she thinks she could be using Thomas to cover for her feelings for Finn.

Her daughter insists her feelings for Thomas are real.

Brooke just wants her to find the man of her dreams and she’s sure she will.

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“It just won’t be Finn. It can’t be Finn,” Brooke tells her.


Hope insists she’s not afraid of her feelings.

She’s just not sure what they mean.

Her mom says if she really wanted Thomas, she would have accepted one of his proposals.

Telling her she’s a good person, Brooke urges her not to fall for Steffy’s husband.


Brooke knows she’s afraid of turning into her and she’s on the precipice of doing that if she allows her feelings for Finn to grow.

It’s more important than ever that she doesn’t allow these feelings to take over.


At Il Giardino, Deacon tells Hollis he can’t wrap his head around Tom being gone. He was really part of the team.


Bill arrives with Luna and Poppy. They pay their condolences.

Deacon appreciates it.

Poppy looks away as Bill asks if Tom had any family.

Deacon has no idea.


Back in the day, Tom was a successful musician. He has his challenges but was working through them.

Apparently he died of a drug overdose. Poppy looks away.

When Hollis serves their meal, Luna pays her condolences for Tom. She suggests he come out with her sometime.

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“With RJ, her boyfriend,” Bill interjects.

Hollis is well aware of that.


Bill glares at him until he walks off. Poppy and Luna chuckle.

Poppy says she didn’t miss out on having her father embarrass her in front of cute guys.

Bill is determined to look out for them. Poppy says that their daughter has the doting father she deserves.


She’s grateful for the future they have and never wants to look back again.

They laugh as he tries to plan a party for his daughter.


Over at the bar, Hollis fumbles with a drink order. He admits to Deacon that he’s feeling off.

Deacon admits that Bill being understanding and kind was weird.


Hollis still can’t believe they didn’t realize something was off with Tom. Deacon can’t either.

The boss suggests he go to the supply closet to do inventory and take a few breaths.

In the supply closet, Hollis finds Tom’s bag and sighs.


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