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Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas snaps at Paris in a desperate turn of events.

On “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Thomas Forrester grows increasingly annoyed with Paris Buckingham this week, as she doesn’t seem to know when to stop, according to the storyline on the CBS […]

On “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Thomas Forrester grows increasingly annoyed with Paris Buckingham this week, as she doesn’t seem to know when to stop, according to the storyline on the CBS soap.

Now that Paris, the soon-to-be bride, has gained support from her future sister-in-law, Thomas is set to face double the pressure, and he’s not taking it well.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester Rolls His Eyes

Thomas still wrestles with his feelings for Hope.

He played a rather cruel lesson on her with a third, but fake, proposal this week.

Still, some Bold and the Beautiful fans aren’t convinced just how fake it was. Many think he would have jumped if she said yes.

Paris doesn’t know about Thomas’ toying with his ex via that fake marriage proposal.

Instead, this soon-to-be bride sees the Logan daughter throwing herself at Thomas Forrester.

Paris catches her future sister-in-law’s ear, and she points out that her rival won’t believe he moved on from her.

Steffy intently listens to her thoughts about the Logan daughter’s behavior. And she jumps at the chance to add her two cents in. So the future Mrs. Forrester now has an ally against her rival.

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B&B Spoilers: Paris Buckingham Starts to Get On Thomas’ Nerves

Thomas Forrester kicked in to lightly defend his ex a few times recently when Paris Buckingham became snarky about her behavior.

This week, she told her future husband that Hope seemed to like playing the victim, and he cut her off.

He told Paris his ex struggles with processing all this, but she will come around. Then, the floodgates opened when Paris Buckingham shared her critique of Hope Logan with Steffy.

The two immediately found their opinions of Hope a common ground on Bold and the Beautiful this week. Smiles appeared on both their faces as they bonded over their thoughts on Thomas’ ex.

But this didn’t sit well with Thomas, who tried to shut them up. He didn’t seem to want to hear a Hope-bashing session.

Still, it didn’t stop his future wife and sister, who cackled about their observations of Hope, trying to reel Thomas back in.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Paris is Not This Man’s One Woman?

Thomas Forrester wasn’t too happy about Paris Buckingham and his sister condemning the woman he still loves. And while he admits he still loves her in one way, his tune today is that he fell in love with Paris.

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During the Bold and the Beautiful episodes this week, Thomas interrupted Paris Buckingham a few times when she started on a tangent about his ex.

Plus, she also had the nerve to suggest to Brooke that her daughter won’t let go.

Bold and Beautiful fans suggest Paris Buckingham seems a bit snarky with her words about the Logan daughter. So, Thomas likely won’t put up with this much longer.

B&B spoilers have the pending bride starting to worry soon. Despite thinking, he’s a one-woman man, and she’s that woman, Paris may end up second-guessing herself.

B&B Spoilers: Thomas Had Enough – Paris Worries

Clues drop suggesting that Thomas Forrester soon gets his fill of Paris bashing Hope, and he’ll bite back at her. But this time it looks like he bites back harder than before, making her desperate to hold on to him.

So, in the upcoming episodes of B&B, it looks like Thomas Forrester gets tired of Paris Buckingham’s snarky comments about his ex. But, on the other hand, his attitude of protecting Hope worries Paris.

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Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest the blushing bride joins forces with Steffy to put the Logan daughter in her place.

But this is B&B so that likely backfires. Thomas Forrester will see a side of Paris Buckingham he doesn’t like, maybe this even involves Douglas. This kid loves Paris, but Hope is his mom.

So all Douglas has to do is hear his pending stepmother saying something to Steffy about Hope, and problems could surface. Thomas would not put up with anyone darkening Douglas’ mom’s name around his son.

So, between the bride-to-be getting desperate to hold onto her groom and Thomas Forrester picking up on Paris Buckingham’s nastiness toward Hope, things could start to circle the drain on this CBS soap.

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