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Poor Orphan Dog Hiding in a Cave

  When we received the call about the two puppies whose lives were in danger, we knew time was of the essence. As we set out to find them, we steeled ourselves […]

Kitten Thrown as Garbage in a Drain to Die…

This small kitten was rescued from certain death, sick, hungry, cold, and in pain. It’s a common story for many stray animals, especially in developing countries where resources for animal welfare are […]

Remembering the Fallen Angels of the Streets

The harsh reality of life on the streets for abandoned animals is one of unending struggle and unimaginable suffering. Their days are filled with constant pain, hunger, and loneliness, and their nights […]

They Cut Off Part of His Upper Snout

In Cairo, Egypt, Anubis was just doing his duty as a guard dog when he was brutally attacked and left disabled. The dog had been barking and chasing away strangers who approached […]