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A Dog’s Fight Against Cancer

Life can be full of unexpected hardships, but it is often the love and support of family and friends that help us navigate through these difficult times. This story is about a […]

Rescued a Dog With a Broken Jaw and Severe Head Injury

As an animal rescuer, I’ve witnessed countless heart-wrenching scenes of abandoned, injured, and suffering animals. One case in particular stands out in my memory as an unforgettable reminder of the importance of […]

The Inspiring Story of Linda the Chihuahua

In the world of animal rescue, there are stories that both break our hearts and inspire us to do more. Among the many dogs housed in our two rescue centers, Casa Grande […]

“Wrinkled Like a Hippopotamus” Dog

Ms. Hong never thought she would ever love a dog. In fact, she was once afraid of them. But that all changed when she met a black, wrinkled puppy curled up in […]