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a Poor, Malnourished, and Injured Pitbull

When we arrived to carry out our weekly rescue mission on a Saturday, we stumbled upon a pitiful sight that we never expected. In front of us lay a poor, malnourished, and […]

Abandoned Dog is Covered With Soot and Ash

Waka, a dog abandoned in an industrial area, found an unlikely sanctuary at a training facility for firefighters. With the help of a retired firefighter and a cheeseburger, Waka’s life took a […]

She Was Severely Malnourished and Dehydrated

This is the story of Jenny, a little dog who was abandoned and taken to a shelter. When the shelter staff realized how critical her health was, they reached out to LetsAdoptEspana […]

Last Goodbye to My Little Angel

In the crowded, bustling streets of the city, countless stories of heartache and neglect unfold every day. Among these are the distressing tales of abandoned angels – innocent creatures left to fend […]