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Pregnant, Sloppy Dog on the Street Looking for Help and a Beautiful Transformation That Makes Everyone Admire

It was very late, and when I got home from work, I found a moving mop, digging through the trash. I couldn’t help it, so I stopped and took a look. It […]

It was very late, and when I got home from work, I found a moving mop, digging through the trash. I couldn’t help it, so I stopped and took a look. It was really dirty , and the movement was very slow. I smelled it, and there was only one Coke can on the ground, so I went to buy two.

Ham sausage is going to be fed, let him have a full meal . It can be seen that he must be very hungry, but he eats very politely and well-behaved . A grandfather who walked the dog stopped and chatted with me . He said that this guy has been around here for a long time. The person is very pitiful, it seems that he has been ill recently , and he rarely sees it recently .

It is most likely lost by the nearby move. My cat has been adopted , but I have never rescued a dog . Stray dogs are actually not as good as cats, so I was shaken . I discussed it with my father and decided to take it home first , clean it up, check it, and find him a reliable one. The adoptive family of my family, the little guy is super good.

He can touch it, and he has limited mobility, but he can hold it . It is also very suitable for putting it on the battery car . So I carried this mop home because it was late, and the pet store was closed , but I kept it at home. Li is really disgusting. I decided to shave it first, take a bath and renovate it. By the way, check the surface of the body to see if there is any problem .

Facts have proved that it is really too young to renovate a dog that has been strayed for a long time. It is really too difficult and the waist is tired. The fur was all stuck together , layer by layer, and couldn’t be peeled off. The handles of the scissors were worn out , and I couldn’t wear gloves because I was afraid of cutting its skin. However, the skin was still broken during the process . The dog was also super obedient and didn’t bite anyone.

I just wailed, and it took a full 6 hours to renovate before I cut off all the tattered hair and gave it a bath. It is no exaggeration to say that I didn’t eat dinner and vomited twice. I can’t help it. I have to bear it myself, and then I found something even more jaw-dropping in the process. It turns out that the dog’s mobility is not sick , but pregnant , and the belly is super big . It looks like it’s about to give birth.

It’s really crying, even the bird’s eggs People who have never delivered babies , do they want to deliver babies to dogs? Can anyone tell me what to do? Need to go to the hospital? Will it be broken if I go up and down the stairs on the 6th floor ? What is this 2023? I ran a bird less than two months ago, and now I just wanted to rescue a dog by the way , but it might turn into 8.

It’s really a dream start. It’s exciting. Let me talk about the latest situation of the little mop I picked up last night. I believe that many people are thinking about it. After refurbishing the little mop last night , you can completely abandon the old name and old life, and move towards a new life . But the shit shovel officer does not plan to bring it into the big family , so I can’t give it a name.

Let’s call him a puppy for now . The dog was lying in the den and sleeping soundly last night. At 1 o’clock in the morning, it suddenly barked and panted from time to time , which frightened the excrement shovel officer, thinking it was about to give birth. The nurse returned to normal at 3 o’clock in the morning, and the next morning I took it to the hospital.

The good news is that the X-rays initially determined that there were only 6 babies in the stomach, not as many as 8. The bad news was that there was a hyperplastic wound on the right front foot , and I needed to apply medicine every day . I ate 2 pieces of ham sausage, 4 bowls of cat food and a pot of water.

I ate too much . The doctor told me to eat less and eat more. The bad news is that the puppy will be born in less than 2 weeks at most. The good news is that the puppy’s initial examination is basically healthy. No skin disease. The bad news is that the poop shoveler is not very good at walking the dog. I always feel awkward talking to the dog on the street.

There are also enthusiastic dog owners who talk to me . The good news is that the puppy is super invincible and will not harm other animals . The bad news It’s because he’s a little afraid of cats , and he doesn’t dare to move when he gets close . The good news is that the puppy can go down the stairs by himself and go down to the 6th floor in one go.

The bad news is that the puppy thinks that going up the stairs is exhausting , so he waits for the shit shoveler to carry him up to the 6th floor . The good news is that the puppy The delivery room has been set up and he can have a good rest without being disturbed . The bad news is that dog poop smells like cat poop, and it still stinks three times a day . In short, today ’s puppy is much more active than yesterday .

He took a bath again, and his body smells good. The same is still the same. Super invincible and obedient . I don’t demolish the house during the day. When I transfer the delivery room, I sit obediently at the door and wait. I don’t run around, and I don’t eat the food in the cat’s bowl when I’m hungry. Biting a cat , he is very smart .

The third time he took the battery car , he knew when he inserted the key. He jumped on the pedals and sat down. The doctor said that he was at most one year old , and the pattern of his teeth was still very complete . It is hard to imagine that he will be a mother soon. It is better than me. The bird is still young and very sensible , because the belly is too big.

Big dogs often lie still on their stomachs , but any movement of the shit shovel officer, even if it is just a haircut, will be caught by it, and it will wag its tail desperately. Get a little closer to it, and immediately walk over with its belly upright to show Well, in order to let him rest more, I dare not move around. Who would have thought that there would be such a pure and flawless little angel hidden under a mop.

The doctor does not recommend induction of labor, and the baby is not too big. I will take good care of it until the baby is born safely . Settling its future, many people praised me as a good person , in fact , I deserve it An accidental turning around may have changed the life of the little mop .

If possible, I hope everyone can pass on this compassion . There may be a limit to what one can do , but it can be called a small beam of light in the ordinary world . This beam of light may be The whole sun that illuminates some lives. Many people prefer the name of the little mop , so I decided to change it back. I weighed the little mop at 11.

7 kilograms . By the way, it held the shaved hair and weighed 1.1 kilograms. I trimmed the facial hair and washed the ears with it. I washed the ears with the liquid and put cat clothes on it to keep warm for the time being . The 5 cats at home basically have everything, which is also very convenient .

Dog food, kennels, dog toilets , leashes and snacks were also delivered immediately . The shit shoveler is still struggling. Should I buy goat milk powder or Shuhua milk? Can anyone give me some advice? Last night I laid a urinal at the place where he pooped the day before and wrote a sign . The little mop probably understood it. All of them urinated on the urinal.

It ’s really smart to go upstairs now . I will hold it. After all, I often exercise and I still have a little strength on my body, but not much , so I discussed it with the little mop. It’s good to go out once every two days . The little mop will be obviously excited when he sees the traction rope. It means that no dog doesn’t like to go out to play , but it seems to prefer to go for a drive than walking .

I heard that dogs need to smell big trees and socialize with the walls, but the little mop seems to be a bit social. The scenery around me I don’t eat shit . I passed by the place where I met for the first time and took a group photo. I do n’t know about the little mop . Have you ever heard of an idiom that says things are different? Then talk about adoption.

After the video of the little mop is released, the excrement officer I saw a lot of strangers with a warm and kind side . This world is so nostalgic because of everyone’s kindness . Many people want to adopt Mop and his cubs. 6 cubs are not enough . But I have 4 cats and 1 bird at home. It was adopted and picked up , so I understand that it is not easy to adopt and take care of a small life that lasts more than ten years.

The financial investment, the energy required for companionship, the separation of personal space and entertainment life , and the daily practice is endless. Endless housework and sanitation must be considered . There is a high probability that children with small mops will be small strings. If they grow up ugly , I don’t know if they will be easily abandoned.

The excrement shoveler thinks that friends who want to adopt small mops and puppies can think about it for a while Don’t be in a hurry to book the time . Wait until Goubao is born safely and has an outline . The personality and habits of the little mop are completely clear .

It’s not too late to make a decision . I believe that the little mop with so many people’s love and blessings can give birth safely. I’m thinking that the world is not completely bad , and thank you for everyone’s concern. I don’t need crowdfunding and donations . I have a pet fund. In the worst case , I’m wronged.

The little bird eats a few melon seeds . For me, it’s your warm words that are more powerful. They are like butterflies in South America, their wings flutter lightly , easily set off a hurricane in my heart

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