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Homeless Dog Rescued From Giant Tumor Thanks to Kind Angels

We ran into a dog who had a quite big mammary tumor. He was looking for food. He was scared. He didn’t let me catch him. It would be dangerous to try […]

We ran into a dog who had a quite big mammary tumor. He was looking for food. He was scared. He didn’t let me catch him.

It would be dangerous to try to catch him. We wanted to make him sleep by putting drugs on his food. Yes, we are following him now. The eager chase had started. We didn’t stop following him until he went to sleep.

We are waiting for him to faint so that we can catch him and operate on him. We are following from a distance. We followed him for a while. He didn’t stop walking for a long time. He started to get tired. He was getting slower. He was losing his balance. He was about to give in to sleep.

We kept following him and took him to the clinic after he fainted. Don’t let him fall. Come near. Good job, my boy. Hopefully we will save you. Yes. The tumor was really big. We feared it could be metastasis. I hope it didn’t cause a metastasis inside. Now, he looks good in general. He will wake up soon.

But before he does, we need to do the x-ray and the blood sample. We need to do all the examinations because he attacks out of fear. The mammary rubbed on the ground so much that it has taken damage. It’s so big, it causes a difficulty when he walks. He was wasting away in front of us. We caught this beauty. Now, the x-ray is being prepared.

We will take him for that and do his blood tests. After we finish the overall examination, we will determine when we can operate. I hope it didn’t cause a metastasis inside so that we can help him recover as fast as possible. Yes, come on. Let’s get you inside. OK. Okay. Unfortunately, it is directly connected to the lungs.

The metastasis even rooted from there it seems. We will give him back after we heal him. We are trying to make him get used to people.

Yes, today is the 7th day of the treatment. We are still trying to strenghten the general condition before the operation. He is still scared but we have a small connection between us now. It’s the nervousness of the table. Now, let’s check the tumor again.

He lets me touch it now. I can examine him easily. He eats a little. We will operate on him soon. But firstly, we want him to get stronger. There is nothing to be afraid of. We named this beauty Güneş, guys.

Because his color is like the sun. Today, he took off his vascular access. That’s why we had to open up another one. He is upset about that. He is reactive because of that. We had made peace, however… Now, he will go back for more medicine. Now, we made a blood test. We took a sample and it’s about to come out. I’ll check those out.

If the results come back the way we want them, we will take him for the operation in 2 days. Hopefully, we will free him from this mass. He will go to be with his friends. They are waiting for him eagerly. Let’s check the results too. Yes, everyone. The blood results are out. Everything has gotten better. The results show improvement.

We can say that we are ready for the operation. I hope we can do it well and make him healthy. Then, he can play outside without the tumor. Güneş was ready for the operation. We started the process.

The operation was a success. We were able to take all the tumor out. It weighed 640 grams and it rubbed on the ground. Now that he is rid of it, he can have a comfortable life. We saved him of the mass. Now, we will wait for the wound to recover.

He has great appetite. As you can see. Hopefully, he can reunite with his friends in two days. It is the end of our treatment.

We will let him go in a while. I am curious about what he will choose to do. But, he is very bored here. That’s why it is time for him to reunite him with nature and his friends. He is so used to that freedom he cries looking at them everyday. He was a very scared boy but now he loves us a lot.

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