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A Sack With Puppies Inside Near the Edge of the Forest

The phone rang loudly, jolting me out of my deep sleep. I groggily reached for my phone, squinting at the time. It was 5 AM, and I wondered who could be calling […]

The phone rang loudly, jolting me out of my deep sleep. I groggily reached for my phone, squinting at the time. It was 5 AM, and I wondered who could be calling me at such an ungodly hour. My curiosity piqued, I answered the call. It was a girl named Maria. She was clearly agitated, her voice trembling as she spoke. She said she had found a sack with puppies inside near the edge of the forest. I could hear the sound of whimpering dogs in the background.

“Please help me,” she pleaded. “I don’t know what to do.”

I immediately got dressed and headed out the door, driving to the edge of the forest where Maria was waiting for me. When I arrived, the scene in front of me made me extremely sad. There were three small dogs inside the sack, but only one was alive. She was a tiny little thing, with a wounded body and matted fur. I lifted her out of the sack and held her close to my chest, feeling her heart beating rapidly against my own.

Maria and I quickly took the little dog, whom we named Evochka, to the nearest veterinary clinic. The veterinarian on duty looked at Evochka’s injuries and immediately started treating her. She had a high fever and was dehydrated, her hair was wet, her skin was cracked and broken, and she refused food and water.

The veterinarian explained to us that Evochka’s condition was very dangerous, and if we had not detected and taken her for treatment in time, she might not have been able to survive after the night like her two brothers. We could not even begin to imagine what would have happened to her if Maria had not found her and called me.

As I watched Evochka receive her treatment, my heart ached. She was so small and fragile, and yet she had already experienced so much pain and suffering in her young life. I knew then that I could not let her die.

Evochka’s condition was having many serious incidents. She had to be given fluids and oxygen continuously. Her body was swollen and convulsed, and her temperature dropped sharply. Wounds were seriously infected, white blood cells were increased, blood transfusions were urgent, and strong antibiotics were given every hour to the weak body.

I stayed by Evochka’s side for the next few days, watching over her, and praying that she would make it through. The vet did everything possible to save her life. The rest was up to her to cope on her own.

With the spirit of fighting to the end and never letting death take away a life in a critical state, I stayed positive and hopeful. Thanks to patience, faith and hope, I received the satisfying result. Evochka had the first steps and started to come back to her life again. All body stats gradually balanced. Although she couldn’t eat and drink by herself yet, she was gradually becoming more conscious.

Her life was supported, and the doctor’s actions helped her body fight. All that I was doing was towards a happy life ahead that was awaiting Evochka.

The positives constantly came to us. Evochka was able to eat liquid food and drink water from a syringe. All reflections were preserved. She could pee, and that made me so happy. At that moment, it was important how much glucose was absorbed into the body. All manipulations would bring pain to the child. She needed to lie on a heating pad, under the strict guidance of the doctor.

As the days turned into weeks, Evochka grew stronger and healthier. She had won her fight for life, and I knew that she had a bright future ahead of her. I was happy to be a