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The Dog Lies on the Road, Breathing Weakly After the Collision, It Cries a Lot but No One Wants to Help

On 11th March, on her way home from school, a young girl named Lily found a dog lying by the side of the road. The dog, whom she named Maya, looked like […]

On 11th March, on her way home from school, a young girl named Lily found a dog lying by the side of the road. The dog, whom she named Maya, looked like she had been run over and was in a lot of pain. Lily was heartbroken and tried to seek help from passersby, but no one was willing to assist. Even the driver who hit Maya had fled the scene, leaving the poor dog in agony. Desperate to help, Lily called a local animal rescue organization for assistance.

When the rescue team arrived, they found Maya still breathing weakly but bleeding from her nose and with a fractured skull. X-rays revealed that both her front legs were badly broken, likely from the impact of the accident. Maya was also suffering from tick disease, but despite her injuries, her eyes were filled with a will to live.

The rescue team wasted no time in rushing Maya to a veterinary clinic. Her condition was critical, and she needed urgent surgery to fix her broken legs. Thankfully, her back legs were not affected, and she only had minor injuries in her lower body, which was considered good news.

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It was suspected that Maya had been abandoned by her owner, as no one had come forward to claim her. She was estimated to be around 7 months old and still just a baby. The surgery was successful, but Maya was in a lot of pain and cried out when approached. Nevertheless, she quickly bonded with the caring staff at the clinic and looked at them with her expressive eyes.

Further blood tests revealed that Maya’s health was worse than initially thought. She had high infection levels, anemia, liver problems, and tick disease. Despite the challenges, the rescue team was determined to fight alongside Maya in her recovery. She received a blood transfusion the next day, but she was still weak and unable to move much. However, Maya’s intelligence shone through, and she communicated with her eyes, showing her appreciation for the care she was receiving.

The days passed, and Maya gradually improved. After 48 hours, she showed signs of progress, being able to move a little and taking raw food. Her eyes, which had been red from the head trauma, started to normalize, and she responded to her new name, Maya, when called by it. By the end of the second week, Maya was able to stand and move better, playing with the staff and wagging her tail with joy.

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Maya’s recovery was slow but steady. She gained weight, showing a healthy appetite, and after three weeks in the shelter, she could easily stand up and enjoy her meals. She no longer had to crawl and could run towards the staff with excitement. Maya’s smile was a constant presence on her face, and she showed her affectionate and caring nature towards those who cared for her.

Although there was still a long way to go in her recovery journey, Maya had come a long way from the day Lily found her injured on the road. With the dedicated care and support from the rescue team, Maya had regained her strength and was determined to get back to normal. Lily, who visited Maya often, was overjoyed to see her progress and the bond they had formed.

Maya’s story became an inspiration to many, a testament to the resilience and will to survive of animals in the face of adversity. She continued to receive treatment and care, and the rescue team remained committed to helping her fully recover. Lily, along with many others, eagerly anticipated the day when Maya would be able to run and play freely in the park again, a living embodiment of love and hope in the face of challenges.

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