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Apart From Being Old, He Was Full of Wounds Like Somebody Shot Him in His Leg, and He Was Blind.

It was a normal day for me, going out to feed the strays in the neighbourhood, until I saw a sight that broke my heart. I saw a skinny old dog that […]

It was a normal day for me, going out to feed the strays in the neighbourhood, until I saw a sight that broke my heart. I saw a skinny old dog that was thrown out, with no strength and no will to live. Apart from being old, he was full of wounds like somebody shot him in his leg, and he was blind. How evil can people get? How can they do this? I want to cry and scream at the same time.

Judging by his condition, he was thrown out a while ago. Only he knows for how long and how he’s been surviving on the street. I don’t know how heartless you have to be to do something like this, and how those people will have anything good in their lives.

I knew I had to get involved in saving his life. He would need a lot of care because he was in a horrible condition. That day, I named him Damien. He was starving when we rescued him, but he took a few bites. He was so happy to see some food. But as of the next morning, he didn’t want to eat anything. My soul ached for him. He could barely move, and he was so exhausted. It would take a lot for his body to recover from everything the street and being abandoned by his owner brought him. All of that had been too much of a shock for him.

I became attached to him, and I hoped that with plenty of love and care, he would make it. We took him to the vet to get an IV and therapy, and I think he had a fever too. I asked people to help me with the expenses for him, and many people came forward to offer their support. We were all rooting for Damien.

On the second day, Damien didn’t want to eat anything. I tried with all kinds of meat, fish, dog food, dry food, everything. It was awful that he didn’t have an appetite. He was on an IV just to make sure he had what he needed. In one moment, a piece of bread fell on the floor, and I can’t begin to describe how he just swallowed that bread. As if it’s the tastiest thing in the world. I started crying when I saw that. This told us that his monster owners gave him mostly bread. I didn’t understand why people would buy a dog and then torture him like this. Damien was a purebred Golden Retriever who they bought for some reason, and then when he got older, they threw him out.

Today was a long day. Damien was at the vet, and they did all the tests they could. What made me especially sad is when the vet said that he’s 6 or 7 years old max, not 10 like I thought, and that was because of his horrible condition. He was a lot younger, but he had a very hard life, and that’s why he’s in such a bad state. After the blood test, we saw that he has a case of anemia and his kidneys are bad. After all this, I took him to the groomer, and I can’t tell you how happy he was after he was clean. Damien is much better since this morning, and most importantly, he started eating! He is eating homemade food and mixing hepatic dry food with meat, just the way the vet said we should do it in order for him to get stronger. He doesn’t even want to smell just the dry dog food. He’s already cuddly. We love you so much, dear boy. Just continue fighting.

In the short time he’s been rescued, Damien has already gotten rather spoiled. Now he only wants