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The Poor Pup Was Extremely Dehydrated, Malnourished, and Covered in Cuts and Fly Strikes

Imagine finding a 2lb puppy at the end of your driveway, alone and abandoned. That’s exactly what happened to little Cricket, who was left there overnight with no food or water. The […]

Imagine finding a 2lb puppy at the end of your driveway, alone and abandoned. That’s exactly what happened to little Cricket, who was left there overnight with no food or water. The poor pup was extremely dehydrated, malnourished, and covered in cuts and fly strikes. It’s hard to imagine what kind of person could be so cruel to a defenseless animal, but fortunately for Cricket, she was discovered by some caring individuals who were determined to give her the love and care she needed.

Day 1: The Discovery

On a chilly morning in late November, a group of friends was taking a walk down a rural road when they spotted a small figure at the end of a driveway. As they approached, they realized it was a tiny puppy, shivering and alone. They quickly scooped her up and wrapped her in a blanket, hoping to warm her up and soothe her.

They called their local animal rescue organization, who came right away to assess the pup’s condition. Cricket, as they would soon name her, was estimated to be only 7 weeks old, and her body showed clear signs of neglect and abuse. Her ribs were visible through her thin coat, and her gums were pale from dehydration and anemia. But despite all of this, Cricket was a fighter. She looked up at her rescuers with big brown eyes and wagged her tail weakly.

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Day 2: Fighting for Survival

The rescue team took Cricket in and began to care for her around the clock. She was so weak that she could barely move, and her rescuers had to assist her with syringe feedings. But slowly, with lots of love and patience, Cricket began to improve. She started to eat on her own, and even gained a little bit of weight. Her rescuers were amazed by her resilience and determination to survive.

Day 3: Getting Stronger

As Cricket’s health improved, she was transferred to the care of a local veterinarian, Dr. Cindy Johnson, who specialized in treating small animals. Dr. Johnson took one look at Cricket and knew that she was a fighter. She gave her lots of fluids, antibiotics for her cuts, and carefully monitored her progress. Despite her small size and frailty, Cricket’s spirit shone through, and she became a favorite of the vet staff.

Day 4: Leaving the Vet

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After several days of intensive care, Cricket was finally well enough to leave the vet’s office. She had gained a little bit of weight, up to 2.3 pounds, and was able to eat on her own. She was still very small and weak, but her energy was improving. Her rescuers took her to a foster home, where she could continue to recover and gain strength.

Day 6: Full of Spunk

As Cricket settled into her foster home, her personality began to shine through. She was a feisty little thing, full of spunk and energy. She loved to play with toys and snuggle with her foster family. Her back legs were still weak, but her foster family was working with her to help her gain strength and straighten out her posture. Cricket was well on her way to becoming a happy and healthy pup.

Day 30: A New Home

As Cricket continued to improve, she caught the eye of a couple looking to adopt a furry friend. They fell in love with Cricket’s spunky personality and big brown eyes, and knew they had to bring her home. They gave her a warm bed to sleep in, lots of toys to play with, and plenty of love and affection. Cricket grew bigger and stronger every day, and before long she was a happy, healthy dog.

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