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Dog’s Lying Between Garbage Beside the Road, Suffered Pain for Days Hopeless Waiting for Help!

We got an urgent call for help, poor puppy was hit by the car, he’s missing big skins on his back. We immediately come to the rescue, rushing to the vet. We […]

We got an urgent call for help, poor puppy was hit by the car, he’s missing big skins on his back. We immediately come to the rescue, rushing to the vet. We will do everything we can. Thanks to the many conscientious citizens who wanted and helped us .. 3 kg … 3 kg only … well, you will fight … please. But we all pray for you to be strong and we will pray for all of you.

She went to the operating table…and now it’s up to her…her will for life. I woke up (she is a girl after all). So far, so good . The surgery was difficult because the wound was 2 days old…so there was a possibility of sepsis…but now it’s normal a lot..a lot…crying a lot because it hurts! This is one hour after surgery.. after everything she’s been through…

Her attitude and everything.. What strength in such a small body.. In those 3 pounds of your body… Baby girl I stand with you.. She tried and managed to get back on her feet… Incredible will to live! Day 2: Good morning everyone….Love is everywhere!

I’m going to steal a bit… I’m going to pee on everything a bit… But I won’t let go of my head… Even as a street puppy, I have a toxic pride! Zina .. I got her name this morning! And why do I like to steal the water of other blacks!

And this black dog is also very cute…and these videos made everyone love him. Day 4: Love can work miracles… dazzling! Day 8: Every day, Zeina’s wounds got better. The baby has gained weight, it used to be 2.7 and now it is 3.6 kg …

We don’t even realize the suffering they endure! Day 10: Day 20: Zina is very pretty… I hope she visits… and they are all so happy to play. She licked me once on my nose and went…to me…

Who said you weren’t there, I’ll play now! Day 28: Zina leaves the vet and is now in good health, gaining weight and growing rapidly. Great news that Zina will soon be adopted in Vienna. Day 40: Zina received her first vaccination for infectious diseases. All the wounds on her back have recovered. She is ready to fly to a new happy family! Day 55: Zeina is so beautiful… full of energy!

DAY 75: ZENA…we visit his hotel until he finds a permanent home. The people who abandoned her after two months left my debts, in exchange for her remaining in the king’s pension, these people are from the Austria organization, Theno The person in charge is Nadine Theno who consider themselves a serious organization but little Zina will come back soon with us and help you find your home..

And she loves all people and other dogs.. Day 120: Zina will adopt the Czech! A new family will come personally from the Czech Republic to pick her up, and until then, to kiss and protect her … Daughter of a woman in the Czech Republic

After all, our little girl is now in heaven! Zina will live in a new happy family with full care and love. Free to play with other dogs all days. Zina is now one of the happiest dogs in the world. Zina deserves a happy life forever!

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