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The Little Pooch with a Mustache That Won Our Hearts

Let’s all agree on one thing, all puppies are cute and special in their own way. Some have the prettiest big eyes, others have the chubby, fluffy charm, and then there are […]

Let’s all agree on one thing, all puppies are cute and special in their own way. Some have the prettiest big eyes, others have the chubby, fluffy charm, and then there are people who win our hearts with just their silly clumsy little selves. But there are those who stand out from the crowd, with unusual colors that immediately catch the eye. There are puppies that look like humans and then there are puppies with impressive facial hair. Ladies and gentlemen, meet our favourite animal with strange markings since the dog with eyebrows – a little pooch with a wonderful mustache: Salvador Dolly.

Salvador Dolly is a shelter puppy from Dallas whose impressive mustache extends from side to side of her lips. She is part of an 11-year-old family and currently lives in a foster care facility in New York. This little pup has won the hearts of many people with her unique appearance and charming personality.

Allison Seelig from Hearts & Bones Rescue, the organization that took Salvador Dolly in, explained the situation that led to her rescue. “It’s puppy season in Dallas right now, and there are always plenty of litters at the shelter. Dallas Animal Services, a shelter with the 3rd highest number of reception animals in the country, took the mother dog and her 11 illegitimate pups and cared for them for 2 weeks, but the puppies there was a very high risk of getting sick in a shelter setting, so we knew we had to get them out,” she continued. Within a week, the entire family of 12 was moved straight out of the shelter into foster care, all thanks to a partnership between Dallas Animal Services and Hearts & Bones Rescue.

Salvador Dolly’s story is not unique. Every year, thousands of dogs end up in shelters across the United States. Many of these dogs are surrendered by their owners, while others are strays found wandering the streets. The reasons for their surrender vary, but often it is due to the cost of pet ownership, a lack of time to care for the dog, or a change in living circumstances. Regardless of the reason, these dogs all deserve a second chance at a loving home.

Hearts & Bones Rescue is an organization dedicated to rescuing dogs like Salvador Dolly and finding them permanent homes. They work with shelters across the country to save dogs from euthanasia and provide them with the care they need. Their foster-based model allows dogs to live in a home environment while they await adoption, which reduces their stress and improves their socialization skills.

Salvador Dolly is just one of many success stories for Hearts & Bones Rescue. Since their founding in 2017, they have saved over 4,000 dogs and placed them in loving homes. They rely on donations and volunteers to continue their life-saving work.

But what makes Salvador Dolly so special? Is it her charming personality, her unique appearance, or her heartwarming story of rescue? It’s all of these things and more. Salvador Dolly represents the thousands of dogs in shelters across the country who are waiting for their chance at a forever home. She reminds us that every dog is special and deserving of love, regardless of their appearance or circumstances.

Salvador Dolly’s mustache may have caught our eye, but it’s her heart that has won our hearts. She is a reminder that every dog has a story, and that by giving them a second chance, we can make a difference in their lives. So the next time you’re considering adding a furry friend to your family, consider adopting from a shelter or rescue organization like Hearts & Bones Rescue. Who knows, you may just find your own Salvador Dolly – a