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The Poor Mother Dog Suffered the Biggest Tumor on Her Face, Suffering for a Long Time Without Any Help!

In a heart-wrenching state of neglect, Honey, a dog rescued by Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary, was discovered with a colossal tumor on her face. Severely swollen and infected, she had endured immense pain […]

In a heart-wrenching state of neglect, Honey, a dog rescued by Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary, was discovered with a colossal tumor on her face. Severely swollen and infected, she had endured immense pain for an extended period without any form of assistance. This poor soul’s suffering had persisted for far too long.

From the very first day, the dedicated team at Animal Wellness worked tirelessly to evaluate Honey’s condition. X-rays were taken to determine the treatability of the mass. Initial blood tests revealed that her organs were functioning normally, but she was anemic.

Additionally, Honey tested positive for heartworm. To improve her overall health and prepare her for surgery and chemotherapy, she was put on anti-inflammatory medication and measures were taken to raise her red blood cell count. Despite the challenges she faced, there was hope for Honey to lead a normal and happy life.

On the second day, it was determined that surgery was necessary to remove the tumor, followed by potential chemotherapy if it proved to be cancerous. Due to the complexity of the surgery, particularly due to the tumor’s proximity to her brain, it was decided that Animal Wellness would be the ideal facility equipped with gas anesthesia, ensuring Honey’s best chance of survival.

As the days progressed, Honey’s journey to recovery was met with both challenges and small victories. Her red blood cell count remained low, leading to a transfusion to boost her blood levels and facilitate the upcoming surgery. Finally, on day 17, Honey’s surgery commenced, surrounded by the caring presence of Rina and Rudylyn.

The procedure proved successful, though not without sacrifices. Nerves controlling her left eyelid had to be severed, resulting in a slight droop. The surgical wound was significant due to the tumor’s immense size. Despite the hurdles, Honey exhibited positive signs by eagerly consuming chicken, indicating her resilience.

Subsequently, on day 21, another surgery became necessary, this time to remove part of her ear that had been invaded by the tumor. Though the procedure altered her appearance, Honey would still enjoy a good quality of life without it. While she gradually regained her appetite, her face remained swollen from the surgery, hindering her from consuming larger quantities of food. Each day without complications during the early stages of her recovery was a blessing, and her caregivers cherished every moment of her progress.

By day 25, Honey’s recovery was deemed sufficient for her return to the shelter. With her improved eating habits and ability to stand, she demonstrated remarkable resilience, even though her massive cone obscured much of her vision. While she remained slightly unsteady on her feet, her adjustment to the loss of her ear was underway.

Throughout her journey, Honey’s sweet and friendly nature shone through, despite the immense struggles she had endured. The removal of her enormous tumor had provided immense relief. The outpouring of support and donations from compassionate individuals who contributed to her treatment played an instrumental role in saving her life. From surgeries and blood transfusions to multiple tests monitoring her organ functioning and red blood cell levels, Honey proved to be an exceptional patient.

On day 32, as Honey’s biopsy results remained pending, she reveled in her current state of happiness, liberated from the burdensome tumor that had plagued her. Gratitude was extended once again to all who selflessly contributed their hard-earned money to save her life.

Progress continued to be closely monitored, and on day 35, Honey returned to the veterinarian for a check-up on her healing progress. By day 43, she displayed remarkable well-being, even enjoying a leisurely walk with Jack, a testament to her indomitable spirit.

However, on day 48, the news arrived that Honey’s tumor was malignant. To arrest any remaining cancer in her system, prompt action was required. Day 53 brought another serious situation as Honey experienced ongoing bleeding, necessitating surgery to remove her uterus and the tumors causing the bleeding. The procedure came with a high risk due to her low red blood cell count, but Honey had fought hard to survive, and her caregivers were determined to provide her with the best possible care.

The news of Honey’s survival after the surgery brought immense relief. Though she remained in critical condition, her resilience was evident as she woke up and regained her appetite. Despite her preference for chicken over clinic food, her eating patterns were encouraging. On day 60, Honey returned home from Animal Wellness, marking a significant milestone in her journey to recovery.

Day 70 celebrated the bravery of Honey, a dog that had already endured so much. With each hurdle she faced, her strength only grew. The removal of the tumor from her head had revealed the possibility of addition

al tumors, yet the team remained steadfast in providing Honey with a chance through chemotherapy. The risks associated with chemotherapy were acknowledged, as it could weaken her immune system and affect her kidneys. Still, Honey’s resilience and rapid recovery from her previous surgeries instilled hope.

By day 90, the remarkable news emerged that the tumor in her vagina had shrunk by 60 percent since the initiation of chemotherapy, despite only two sessions. She gained weight and maintained good spirits, defying the odds. While her prognosis remained tentative due to the effects of chemotherapy on her organs, the team held firm in their belief that Honey would achieve a full recovery.

Honey’s journey exemplifies the triumph of resilience and the unwavering dedication of the Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary. Through the collective efforts of compassionate individuals and the tireless work of veterinary professionals, Honey’s life has been given a second chance. Her story serves as a reminder of the power of love, perseverance, and the incredible resilience of animals in the face of adversity.

As Honey continues her path to recovery, let us stand alongside her, providing unwavering support and love. May her story inspire us to advocate for animals in need and recognize the profound impact we can make when we choose to extend a helping hand.

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