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Days of Our Lives Recap: Friday, November 17 – Konstantin Kisses Maggie – Theresa Throws a Punch – Brady Strikes Deal

In the “Days of Our Lives” episode recap for Friday, November 17, Chad DiMera had a phone conversation with Gwen von Leuschner, during which he expressed a need for something only she […]

In the “Days of Our Lives” episode recap for Friday, November 17, Chad DiMera had a phone conversation with Gwen von Leuschner, during which he expressed a need for something only she could provide.

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Gwen discovered Chad’s intention to purchase her share of The Spectator, motivated primarily by Everett Lynch.

Displeased with Everett’s positive editorial about Leo Stark and Dimitri von Leuschner’s romance, Gwen agreed to negotiate the sale.

At the local pub in the episode, Everett Lynch probed Stephanie Johnson for details about her split with Alex Kiriakis.

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Stephanie downplayed the relationship but mentioned issues arising from Alex’s inability to move on, impacting her relationship with Chad.

Everett speculated that Chad saw him as a threat due to his serious past relationship with Stephanie.

They wagered $10 on Everett’s perception of Chad’s character, which he described as self-centered.

Despite Stephanie’s denial and taking the money, she appeared to internally agree with Everett.

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Stephanie later mentioned Chad’s positive traits, acknowledging she often complained about the negative aspects.

Chad arrived and overheard part of her remarks, leading to a tense interaction with Everett.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Konstantin Meleounis threatened Theresa Donovan with revealing the truth to Alex Kiriakis.

In response, Theresa attacked Konstantin to stage a break-in.

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Maggie walked in as Theresa was escaping with baby Victoria, leading to a kidnapping scare. Konstantin, feigning recovery from the attack, set off to act the hero.

In a park scene, Theresa waited with Victoria. Konstantin arrived, and after some convincing, Theresa punched him to corroborate his story.

At the hospital, Xander Cook confronted Sarah Horton about including Brady Black in the custody hearing.

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Their argument was interrupted by news of Victoria’s kidnapping, leading to mutual suspicion and a joint effort to find their daughter.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie updated Xander and Sarah. Sarah, distraught, was comforted by Xander, who vowed to find Victoria.

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Konstantin returned with the baby, earning gratitude and a surprising kiss from Maggie.

At Titan, Brady Black agreed to Alex’s proposal to merge Basic Black with Titan.

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The conversation turned to Theresa, now leading Bella Magazine. Brady warned Alex of Theresa’s unpredictability, but Alex remained supportive of her.

Theresa overheard her name upon arriving but missed the full conversation.

After Brady and Alex left, she left a voicemail for Konstantin, instructing him to protect her identity in case of complications. Brady returned, overhearing part of her message.

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers suggest Theresa will soon face a challenging situation.

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