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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope hints at concerning boundaries, and Finn saves Steffy

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Thursday, December 28, unfolds as John “Finn” Finnegan contacts the lab for the expected arrival time of test results, only to be informed of […]

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Thursday, December 28, unfolds as John “Finn” Finnegan contacts the lab for the expected arrival time of test results, only to be informed of a delay due to understaffing.

Ridge Forrester came along hoping for positive updates, so Finn assumed he wanted good news on when Eric would be back to his old self.

Finn couldn’t guarantee anything, but he assured Ridge that Eric had met all his markers and that he was on track for this phase of his recovery.

That said, Finn knew the tough position Ridge was in when he had medical power of attorney and understood that he’d worry until he saw substantial progress.

Ridge eventually decided now was the time to celebrate, so he expressed his gratitude to Finn for saving Eric’s life and gave him a hug.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas Forrester told Hope Logan that she didn’t have to answer Steffy Forrester’s questions and said Hope wasn’t on trial.

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Hope assured Steffy that her feelings were genuine, but Steffy wondered how deep the relationship was and whether Hope truly loved Thomas.

Steffy brought up Douglas Forrester and had concerns about how Hope stringing his father along would affect him.

Hope eventually told Steffy that this was none of her business, but Steffy felt that Thomas was going to end up heartbroken since Hope couldn’t love him the way he needed to be loved.

After Thomas asked for a moment alone with Steffy, Hope joined Ridge in the main office and complained about Steffy putting her on the spot.

Ridge assumed this was about Hope’s feelings for Thomas, so he also asked how Hope felt about his son.

However, Ridge ultimately suggested that as long as Thomas made healthy choices, he wasn’t going to interfere.

Hope wished Steffy would adopt the same attitude and talked about being happy living in the moment with Thomas.

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Right now, Hope was following her heart and felt that Thomas was happy, too.

After Hope suggested they needed space to figure things out, she worried there could be trouble if everyone kept pushing and violating boundaries.

That ominous comment left Ridge looking pensive.

Back with Thomas on Thursday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, he asked “what the hell” Steffy was doing and wondered if she was actively trying to ruin his relationship with Hope.

Steffy was concerned about Thomas’ obsession bubbling back up, especially once he admitted Hope hadn’t directly told him that she loved him.

Nevertheless, Thomas defended his romance since Steffy hadn’t been around for all the intimate times he shared with Hope.

Thomas also mentioned that Hope basically said she loved him for his devotion, but Steffy insisted that wasn’t the same thing.

As the confrontation escalated, Thomas raised his voice and argued that Steffy didn’t have to be supportive, but he refused to let her get in the middle of his relationship.

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Finn approached the door and overheard Thomas blasting Steffy, so he barged in and warned that Thomas was out of line.

Finn didn’t care if Steffy was Thomas’ sister and warned him not to speak to her that way.

“You hear me?!” Finn snapped.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Thomas and Finn could develop quite a feud if this keeps up, so stay tuned.

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