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Days of our Lives Recap: Something About John’s Peepers Piqued Konstantin’s Interest

But how does Konstantin recognize John Black? In the recap of Days of our Lives on Thursday, December 28, 2023, John and Steve try to intimidate Konstantin into leaving town. However, instead […]

But how does Konstantin recognize John Black? In the recap of Days of our Lives on Thursday, December 28, 2023, John and Steve try to intimidate Konstantin into leaving town.

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However, instead of scaring the villain away, their efforts only infuriate him and make him ponder if he has encountered John before.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Leo seriously irked Sloan, Nicole attended her first therapy session with Marlena, and Paulina learned she may be in for the fight of her life.

In front of the Christmas tree in the Square, Eric glances at Leo over his shoulder. A glib Leo opens his red coat, revealing a black patterned shirt.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

The Eyes Have It

Konstantin’s morning stroll through Salem Park was rudely interrupted by Steve injecting him with a mild sedative and abducting him.

Steve soticaly glowers in a dimly lit cellar.

Konstantin came to in a dingy basement and demanded to know what exactly was going on.

Steve relayed that he was mightily disappointed that Konstantin was still lurking around town and trying to worm his way back into Maggie’s life.

Konstantin didn’t appreciate the accusation and swore he’d been ready to return to his home country before the injury to his ankle. Steve rightfully called bull.

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The artist formerly known as Patch then insisted that Konstantin make himself scarce.

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He’s not to use, lie to, or even see Maggie ever again. Konstantin responded by telling Steve to go to Hell and musing that he can’t be forced to leave Salem.

On the contrary, explained Steve. Given that he and his buddy John have connections with the ISA, they can make Konstantin do whatever they darn well please.

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That said, John gave Konstantin the patented John Black stare before assisting Steve in depositing the villain back in the park.

After taking a moment to recover, Konstantin couldn’t help but feel like he’d seen John somewhere before. Or, at least, his eyes.

A Persistent Pest

No sooner had Sloan, Eric, and baby Jude Roman parked themselves at a table in the town square than Leo came over to pester.

Eric Eavesdrops As Sloan Petersen Promises To Support Colin

After waxing on about his new wardrobe — courtesy of “Santa” — Leo requested a word with his lawyer. In private. Taking the hint, Eric made himself and the baby scarce.

Once the two were alone, Leo put Sloan on notice. He wants a bigger cash allowance. And perks.

Lots and lots of perks. Or else. Sloan balked. Does she look like an ATM? Would she really live in a studio apartment in a crappy neighborhood if she could afford to do otherwise?

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Does he really expect her to go bankrupt?

Leo had a think and suggested Sloan find herself a smaller rental in a crappier neighborhood. If she wants to keep her baby, that is.

“Them’s the brakes.” But have no fear, he intends to reenter the workforce and supplement the income she’ll provide him.

With that, Leo bid Sloan adieu and headed to Saxon’s to spend even more of her cash. His haul was impressive — and expensive.

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Maxing out one of Sloan’s credit cards expensive. But, while Sloan privately panicked over her finances, Eric surprised her with his plan to jumpstart his photog career.

That’ll certainly help in the long run.

Mother Load

Over at University Hospital, Nicole arrived for her first session with Marlena.

Titling her head, Marlena gives Nicole a warm smile in her office.

After the two addressed the elephant in the room — which was the fact that Marlena was Eric’s mother — the two got down to the business at hand.

Nicole copped to needing therapy. REALLY needing it. And who better to empathize with her than Marlena, a woman who also lost a baby?

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Nicole also confessed a few more hidden truths. First, she wasn’t at all happy to learn that she was pregnant. In fact, she considered having an abortion.

an anguished Nicole sits in Marlena's office.

Then, she decided to keep the baby, but only because she thought there was a chance it was Eric’s, and she didn’t want to deprive him of the opportunity to become a father.

And oh, how she wanted that baby to be Eric’s.

But, would it have made a difference as far as EJ is concerned? That she doesn’t know. And that upsets her.

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Luckily the two have grown closer in the aftermath of the baby’s death, so there’s that.

As for what’s next for her, Nicole declared that she wants to continue therapy and resolved to count her multitude of blessings.

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