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The Bold and The Beautiful Predict: Thomas presents an engagement ring to Hope, and Xander levels an accusation

In the Thursday, December 28, recap of The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Thomas Forrester confronted John “Finn” Finnegan in the design office, asserting that it wasn’t Finn’s concern. Finn objected, not […]

In the Thursday, December 28, recap of The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Thomas Forrester confronted John “Finn” Finnegan in the design office, asserting that it wasn’t Finn’s concern.

Finn objected, not wanting Thomas to speak to Steffy Forrester in that manner.

When Finn got summoned back to the hospital, Steffy assured her husband that she could handle this.

Once Finn left, Thomas settled down and acknowledged that he perhaps came on a little strong earlier.

However, Thomas wanted Steffy to understand that he was happy and that he was done living in regret.

Hope Logan had moved on from the past, so Thomas was doing the same and begged Steffy not to undermine his relationship.

In the main office on Thursday’s The Bold and The Beautiful episode, Ridge Forrester asked Hope if she saw a future with Thomas, so Hope realized he was asking what her intentions were.

Ridge didn’t want history to repeat itself since Thomas spiraled out of control the last time he got serious about Hope.

Hope insisted that they loved being with each other and wondered why that wasn’t enough.

Ridge thought she meant she didn’t think it would last, but Hope insisted she wasn’t saying that.

Of course, Hope couldn’t say for sure that her relationship with Thomas would stand the test of time either.

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Hope didn’t have a crystal ball and didn’t know what the future held.

Ridge pointed out that Thomas saw a future with Hope, so he asked if that was a possibility.

Although Hope understood that Ridge was a concerned parent, she made it clear that this was a private matter.

When Steffy found Ridge later, he mentioned that Hope was complaining about her.

After Ridge admitted he questioned Hope too, he revealed that Hope basically told him to mind his own business.

Steffy remained worried since Thomas was an open book, but Hope was cagey and didn’t want a future with him – at least in Steffy’s opinion.

This could end badly for Thomas, so Steffy said she didn’t want him getting hurt.

Once Hope met back up with Thomas in the design office, they canoodled on the sofa.

Thomas apologized for Steffy’s lecture and got updates on Ridge giving Hope one as well.

Thomas insisted there was no need for all that and assured Hope that he was happier than he’d ever been.

After Thomas said no one was going to take this from them, he kissed Hope and talked about feeling so close to her.

Thomas reiterated that he was a one-woman man and mentioned Douglas Forrester always supporting them as a couple.

With all that in mind, Thomas asked if Hope would make him the happiest man in the world and marry him.

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Hope was stunned as Thomas got down on one knee and showed off a sparkling engagement ring.

Thomas pushed Hope to say yes since they belonged together in his eyes.

As Thomas once again urged Hope to say she’d marry him, Hope smiled uncomfortably and shook her head a bit in disbelief.

In Finn’s office, his new patient was revealed to be Xander Avant.

Finn said he’d have to get Xander’s medical records from his doctor in London, but Xander pointed out Finn could get them from his Los Angeles doctor if that was easier.

Once Finn learned Xander used to live in LA, he wondered why he left for London.

Xander flashed back to getting fired for his knowledge of the Baby Beth Spencer survival secret.

After Xander said he reached the end of his road there, he noticed Steffy and Finn’s nearby wedding pic.

Xander asked if Finn was married to Steffy and got confirmation before revealing he used to be an intern at Forrester Creations.

Once Xander said he worked with all the Forresters, he mentioned Thomas and looked agitated.

Finn thought it seemed like Xander had some sort of history with Thomas and seemed confused.

Xander flashed back to Thomas acting all sinister and tossing threats around.

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With Zoe Buckingham by his side, Xander ranted about Emma Barber being dead because of Thomas’ evil secret.

Back in the present, Xander looked pensive and decided maybe he should get another doctor.

Finn pushed Xander to share more about Thomas, so Xander said Thomas wasn’t who Finn thought he was.

Xander didn’t even know what to call someone with no conscience and no remorse.

After Xander said Thomas did something evil to an innocent young girl, he recalled happier memories of Emma.

Once Xander flashed back to Emma driving and crashing her car, he remembered telling Zoe that it wasn’t an accident.

Xander also recalled facing pressure to keep quiet about Thomas’ connection to the crash.

In the present again, Xander asked if Finn had ever heard the name Emma Barber.

Finn hadn’t, but he wondered if something happened to Emma and thought maybe Thomas had made life difficult for her.

Xander said he was talking about murder, so Finn looked shocked over the accusation.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Xander will spill more news on Thomas’ awful past, so stay tuned to see Finn’s reaction.

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