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The Young and The Restless News: Jordan’s legal update, Claire’s setback, vengeful schemes, and Sharon’s future

In the next fortnight, from January 1 to January 12, The Young and the Restless spoilers disclose that Adam Newman and Nick Newman will receive unexpected news that will impact their professional […]

In the next fortnight, from January 1 to January 12, The Young and the Restless spoilers disclose that Adam Newman and Nick Newman will receive unexpected news that will impact their professional lives.

During the week of January 1-5, Victor Newman will step down again at Newman Enterprises, which will lead to him giving Nick and Adam co-CEO status.

Of course, there’ll be some stipulations since Victor can’t have Adam and Nick at each other’s throats constantly.

Victor will push Nick and Adam to put their hostility behind them for the sake of the company.

As for Victor, he’ll presumably need extra time away from Newman Enterprises to dote on Nikki Newman and monitor her progress on her journey back to sobriety.

That journey will come with some stumbling blocks, so look for Nikki to struggle with temptation more than ever.

However, Nikki will use all her willpower to fight that temptation and put her life back together again.

At an AA meeting, Nikki will encounter someone kind who understands.

Seth has had plenty of addiction troubles over the years, so he’ll meet Nikki and relate to what she’s up against.

Meanwhile, Victoria Newman will reunite with Claire Grace following her latest Jordan ordeal and insist she’s so sorry she couldn’t protect her.

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Victoria will echo Nikki’s promise about Jordan never getting close enough to hurt Claire ever again.

Claire may wonder how Victoria can be certain, so she’ll need a ton of reassurance along the way.

It’s clear that Claire needs Victoria’s undivided attention, so she’ll apparently be fine with letting Nick and Adam share the Newman throne.

Other The Young and The Restless spoilers say Danny Romalotti will make a troubling discovery regarding Daniel Romalotti and Heather Stevens’ growing connection.

Heather and Daniel had a little make-out session on New Year’s Eve, so they’ll discuss their sofa smooching and perhaps agree to put the incident behind them.

Even so, Danny will worry about Daniel and Heather’s bond, especially after he spots some flying sparks and realizes Lucy Romalotti is playing Cupid.

It’ll lead to Danny dishing out some guidance to Daniel, who may get a reminder about his romance with Lily Winters and what’s at stake.

At the coffeehouse, Sharon Rosales will launch a confrontation with Summer Newman about what’s in her heart when it comes to Chance Chancellor.

Summer may confess that she would’ve pounced on Chance by now if Sharon wasn’t involved with him.

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Just in case things may not be all that serious, Summer will wonder if Sharon’s in love with Chance.

Sharon obviously hasn’t reached that level yet, but she’ll disapprove of Summer’s fishing expedition.

Afterward, Chance will have a one-on-one conversation with Sharon, so that’ll lead to him making a significant admission.

Whether that’s about the concert, Chance’s crush on Summer or even his deepening feelings for Sharon, he’ll want to be honest.

The January 5 episode will be all about Sharon’s dream, so it’ll give Sharon Case a chance to shine in a standalone special.

There’ll be some wild vignettes as Sharon snoozes and imagines different paths for herself.

During the week of January 8-12, Sharon will have to make some critical decisions about her future, so that dream she had will help with that process.

Next, Tucker McCall will regroup and gather his strength against the Abbotts.

It’ll be a case where Tucker is down but not out, so he’ll prepare to fight back in a big way.

Jack Abbott and Kyle Abbott seem awfully smug about their plan against Tucker working like a charm, so Tucker may pull some shocking moves that they don’t see coming.

As for Tucker and Phyllis Summers’ relationship, that could become more friendly and even head into romantic territory.

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Tucker planted a kiss on Phyllis when they were pretending to have date plans, so maybe that kiss will linger in both their minds.

Phyllis’ feud with Christine Blair will press on, so it could leave Phyllis needing a way to release some stress – maybe even in Tucker’s bed.

Back with Claire, there’ll be some setbacks when it comes to the connection Victoria and Cole Howard are trying to form with her.

Cole and Victoria will get some reminders of Claire’s messed-up plan with Jordan, so getting over that won’t be all that easy.

Nevertheless, Victoria and Cole made a promise that they intend to keep.

Claire needs her parents’ support during her recovery, so Cole and Victoria will do their best to be there for her.

As for Jordan’s fate, Michael Baldwin may pass along some legal updates on the charges against her and how long she might spend behind bars.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say the next two weeks will bring some exciting developments, so stay tuned.

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