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The Bold and The Beautiful News: Hope and Thomas’ tumultuous romance, Finn’s intervention, and Bill’s new women upsetting Li

In the upcoming two weeks, from January 1 to January 12, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers unveil the imminent eruption of significant drama. In the week of January 1-5, Hope Logan […]

In the upcoming two weeks, from January 1 to January 12, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers unveil the imminent eruption of significant drama.

In the week of January 1-5, Hope Logan will be stunned by Thomas Forrester’s marriage proposal.

Hope will obviously hesitate on accepting since this isn’t what they talked about.

Thomas previously acted like just having Hope in his arms was enough, but now he’s asking her to pledge her forever love.

That could be a red flag for Hope when it comes to Thomas’ obsessive side creeping back up.

However, Thomas will assure Hope that he’s a changed man and urge her to see how happy they could be together.

Thomas knows it gets Hope all hot and bothered when he says she’s the only woman he wants.

We’ll hear Thomas play that up and hope it can help him seal the deal on this engagement.

Hope’s response to Thomas’ popped question will surprise him, but will that be a good thing or a bad thing in his eyes?

Will Hope shut Thomas down or shock him by agreeing to tie the knot?

In John “Finn” Finnegan’s office, he’ll hear the whole ugly story about Thomas’ role in Emma Barber’s horrific demise.

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Xander Avant will point the finger at Thomas for launching that dangerous car chase and causing poor Emma to lose her life.

Of course, Xander will also reflect on how menacing Thomas got during the whole stolen Beth Spencer saga.

Thomas is an incredibly dangerous man in Xander’s opinion, so he’ll warn Finn to protect himself and the people he cares about.

Later, Finn will give Steffy Forrester the scoop on Xander’s allegations against Thomas, but Steffy will play defense for her brother’s sake.

Although Steffy doesn’t condone some of Thomas’ past behavior, she’ll no doubt argue that Emma’s grim fate was an accident.

Steffy will push Finn to accept her explanation over Xander’s and trust that Thomas isn’t the villain that the former intern’s making him out to be.

That’s especially true now that Thomas has been in therapy.

Steffy will downplay Xander’s accusations and be far more focused on Thomas’ present-day redemption anyway.

Despite Steffy’s attempt to ease Finn’s mind, he just won’t think Hope’s safe with Thomas.

That could lead Finn to track Hope down and tell her everything Xander spilled to him.

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Thomas will also hear about Xander’s claims, but he’ll get that news elsewhere.

It’ll likely be Steffy who sounds the alarm about Xander stirring up Thomas’ twisted history again.

As for Bill Spencer and Poppy Nozawa, they’ll have a date at Il Giardino.

Will that lead to Bill finally experiencing total recall and remembering how he knows Poppy?

Poppy seems like she’s keeping secrets when it comes to how she’s connected to Bill, so it’s possible that he’s Luna Nozawa’s biological father.

During the week of January 8-12, there’ll probably be an epic showdown between Poppy and Li Finnegan.

Li may catch Poppy with Bill and fly into a rage over her sister making moves on someone so wealthy.

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know Bill came to Li’s rescue after her faceoff with Sheila Carter and the car explosion that followed.

Li and Bill formed a special connection after he found her traumatized in the alley that night.

Bill also played a big role in making sure Finn made it to Monaco for his long-awaited reunion with Steffy, so Li will always have a soft spot for him.

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Once Li sees Poppy in Bill’s orbit, she certainly won’t be pleased!

Li might even forbid Poppy from having anything to do with Bill, but it’s a little late for that if he ends up being Luna’s bio dad.

Speaking of Luna, she’ll fall harder for RJ Forrester while simultaneously getting to know Zende Forrester Dominguez better.

Zende appears to be on the verge of becoming truly smitten with Luna, so that’s going to be a problem.

Ridge Forrester may also get some updates on Eric Forrester’s recovery and worry about his progress stalling.

As for Thomas and Hope, their relationship will be put to the test by all this chaos that Xander’s dredging up.

Will Hope and Thomas be able to survive the storm that’s brewing?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say the next two weeks will bring a romantic crisis or two, so stay tuned.

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