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The Young and The Restless News: Supermom Victoria, Nikki’s temptation, and Danny’s warning for Daniel

The Young and the Restless spoilers update for the week of January 1-5 indicates a repeat on Monday, January 1, kicking off the week. Fortunately, this will be the only schedule adjustment, […]

The Young and the Restless spoilers update for the week of January 1-5 indicates a repeat on Monday, January 1, kicking off the week.

Fortunately, this will be the only schedule adjustment, as four new episodes will follow.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor Newman will announce big changes when it comes to who’s steering the ship.

Although Victor was determined to remain in charge, he didn’t anticipate this whole mess with Jordan and Nikki Newman’s sobriety drama.

Now that Nikki needs Victor’s full attention, he’ll push Adam Newman and Nick Newman to make peace so they can be co-CEOs together.

Victoria Newman won’t be interested in returning to Newman Enterprises right now since getting to know Claire Grace is more important.

Claire will need plenty of comfort and guidance, so Victoria will concentrate on connecting with her and leave Newman in the hands of her brothers.

As for Nikki, she’ll realize she has to find her inner strength if she’s going to conquer her vodka habit and break free.

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Nikki will attend AA meetings and exchange introductions with someone named Seth in the coming episodes, so he’ll play a crucial role in her recovery.

Even so, the road to sobriety won’t come without temptation!

There’ll definitely be moments when Nikki’s tempted to backslide and pour herself a glass of booze.

Since Daniel Romalotti Jr. and Heather Stevens kissed on New Year’s Eve, they’ll realize they need to talk about what happened.

Heather might apologize for getting swept up in the moment and overstepping.

At the same time, Heather may admit it was nice to reconnect.

Daniel might suggest that if Lily Winters weren’t in the picture, maybe things would be different.

However, Daniel will probably insist that he’s rebuilding something great with Lily and doesn’t want to ruin it.

Once Danny Romalotti senses a shift between Daniel and Heather, he’ll grow concerned.

That’s especially true since it’ll seem like Lucy Romalotti is playing matchmaker for Heather and Daniel.

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Danny will offer Daniel some advice whether he wants it or not, so he’ll perhaps push his son to figure out which woman he truly wants before someone gets hurt.

Meanwhile, another love triangle will heat up when Sharon Rosales corners Summer Newman and urges her to be honest about her feelings for Chance Chancellor.

Summer might confess that she indeed likes Chance as more than a friend, but she’ll probably be clear about the fact that they haven’t crossed the line.

Summer will also want to know exactly where things stand between Chance and Sharon, so she’ll wonder if Sharon has fallen in love.

Of course, Sharon will suspect that Summer wants to know what her chances are of winning the man she wants for herself!

As for Chance, he’ll confess something to Sharon soon after.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Chance’s confession will catch Sharon off guard, so it’ll inevitably relate to Summer in some way.

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Will Chance admit he has more than platonic feelings for Summer?

Could this be about Chance and Summer’s night at the concert together instead?

On the other hand, maybe Summer’s misreading the situation if Chance’s feelings for Sharon are stronger than they seem.

Chance might admit he’s falling hard for Sharon and push for more of a commitment between them.

No matter what Chance spills, Sharon will have a lot on her mind as she drifts off to dreamland.

The Young and the Restless fans can expect Sharon to have a crazy dream that helps her make sense of what her future’s going to look like.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say the week of January 1-5 will bring some important choices and new dilemmas, so stay tuned for updates on all the stunning news that’s looming.

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