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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Big Trouble For Tate, Brady And Theresa Scramble

Days of Our Lives spoilers and updates suggest that Tate Black and Brady Black are in serious trouble, prompting Theresa Donovan to urgently intervene! Despite Tate’s innocence, he is likely to be […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers and updates suggest that Tate Black and Brady Black are in serious trouble, prompting Theresa Donovan to urgently intervene!

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Despite Tate’s innocence, he is likely to be wrongly assumed guilty, and during this crisis, Holly Jonas desperately fights for her life following the consumption of harmful drugs.

A Horrific Sight

Brady notices that Tate has left the New Year’s Eve party at the Bistro, and goes to look for him, and finds him with his arms around Holly, who’s overdosed with a packet of pills on the ground.

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Tate had gone looking for her after she offered him pills, which he turned down and she claimed she was going to the restroom and hadn’t returned.

Big Trouble For Tate, Brady And Theresa Scramble!

Tate found her foaming at the mouth in the alley, and knew immediately what had happened but didn’t have his wits about him to call for help.

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Brady’s hit hard by the sight, considering his and Tate’s mother’s Theresa’s drugged up pasts.

They’d met and done drugs together, and that was the basis of Brady and Theresa’s relationship-he fears the drugs are Tate’s as Holly’s rushed to the hospital.

Rafe Hernandez And Harris Michaels Show Up

A cop on the beat had shown up in the alley as Brady was comforting Tate, and later Rafe Hernandez and Harris Michaels show up to investigate.

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Tate looks guilty, and Rafe asks if the drugs are his and he denies it, and tells Rafe they were Holly’s, and by this time, EJ DiMera has arrived.

EJ calls Tate a liar, scoffing that his stepdaughter doesn’t do drugs, and EJ vows to make him pay; then Brady makes a rash decision and says they’re his!

Brady is afraid EJ will railroad Tate into a false confession, and by the time they get to the police station Rafe doesn’t believe Brady.

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EJ is Determined to Make Tate Pay for Holly's Overdose on DAYS

Theresa takes Tate home and tells John Black and Marlena Evans what happened, and John goes to help Brady.

Theresa Donovan Tries To Convince Tate Black To Let Brady Black Take The Rap

Theresa tries to convince Tate to let Brady take the rap but he won’t, and later he goes to the police station himself and confesses-saying the drugs are his.

This confuses Brady, since Tate swore up and down the drugs were Holly’s-and he wants to believe him, but why the change in story?

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Brady tries to get Tate to recant but he won’t and John tells him to trust the system.

Theresa, who left the station, returns with Justin Kiriakis and Alex Kiriakis and find out EJ had revoked Tate’s bail. Brady has to be physically restrained to keep from attacking EJ.

Throwing The Book, Tate Black Charged As An Adult

EJ is throwing the book at Tate, and Brady thinks it’s because of his and EJ’s own fraught history-back in the day, they went at it hard both physically and emotionally.

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Tate tensely stands against a brick wall with wide eyes. A cop holds her hand out to him. Between them, Brady stares forward, mouth agape.

So Brady thinks Tate’s punishment is payback to him, and it gets even worse when EJ charges Tate as an adult-and he’s put in an adult prison.

This is likely Statesville, where the likes of Orpheus and Clyde Weston are currently housed, and Tate’s terrified as he’s put straight in adult prison.

In the meantime, Brady is seething with rage and Theresa is sobbing, and the only one who can straighten it out is Holly, who’s in a coma.

Theresa glares at a tux clad Alex in the hospital. She wears a mauve feather coat.

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