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Days of our Lives Recap: Tate And Brady… Confess To A Crime They Didn’t Commit

Like mother, like daughter in the Days of our Lives recap on Tuesday, January 2, 2023, where justice proved elusive for the suffering Holly Jonas. Days of our Lives Recap Highlights In […]

Like mother, like daughter in the Days of our Lives recap on Tuesday, January 2, 2023, where justice proved elusive for the suffering Holly Jonas.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, John and Marlena’s New Year’s Day bliss was rudely interrupted, and Tripp realized that there was something up with his mother. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

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Complications At University Hospital, Tate insisted to Rafe that the drugs Holly overdosed on were hers and hers alone. To be absolutely clear, he did not give them to her.

An eavesdropping

EJ objected to that characterization and insisted that Holly doesn’t do drugs. What’s more, he ordered Rafe to arrest Tate.

Brady stoically stares ahead at the hospital as Rafe cuffs his hands behind his back.

Rafe insisted on conducting an actual investigation before filing charges, angering Mr. District Attorney.

Tate laid out the facts before the group (Holly had purchased what she thought was ADHD medication from a dealer at school), but EJ refused to take the young man at his word.

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After EJ threatened to throw the book at Tate, Brady insisted the drugs Holly had taken were his and that Tate was covering for him.

With that, Brady was escorted downtown, and Theresa and Tate returned to John and Marlena’s abode — which rather put a damper on the couple’s merry morning.

Wearing a suit and loose tie, Tate raises his hands and strains his neck while making a point to Theresa. She wears a mauve feather jacket.

Son Knows Best

At the Bistro, Ava and Stefan received marching orders from Clyde, namely, get his tainted product off the streets ASAP.

But how to accomplish that goal? Ava thought she may have a way — and it doesn’t require knocking on the door of every drug dealer in the vicinity and asking for the stuff back.

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No, she’ll just call her old crew and get them on it. And sure, she cut ties with them for a reason, but once a Vitali, always a Vitali. As for what her kin might ask in return…well, she’ll just owe them one.

No sooner had Ava made the call than Tripp asked her if she was involved in “any of this.”

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Ava took exception to the question, but Tripp insisted that he wasn’t so dense that he couldn’t connect the very obvious dots.

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First, there’s the job that landed in her lap, her dumping of Harris, and, most telling of her, her being A-okay with him packing up and moving to Hong Kong with Wendy.

While Ava floundered in an attempt to come up with a cover story, Stefan found himself being confronted by a raving EJ around the back of the restaurant.

Arrest My Case

Back at the cop shop, Rafe explained to Brady that he didn’t believe his confession for a second and implored him to let Tate speak his truth.

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Instead, Brady doubled down. Suddenly, Tate burst in and insisted that the drugs weren’t his dad’s. They were his. “If you’re gonna arrest someone, arrest me.”

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