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The Bold and The Beautiful News: Bill recalls a steamy music festival, and Luna opens up about her absent father

The recap of The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers on Wednesday, January 3, highlights Finn’s unease as he discusses with Steffy Forrester about Xander Avant’s belief that Thomas Forrester was responsible for […]

The recap of The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers on Wednesday, January 3, highlights Finn’s unease as he discusses with Steffy Forrester about Xander Avant’s belief that Thomas Forrester was responsible for Emma Barber’s tragic death.

Although Thomas had made some terrible mistakes, Steffy argued that he hadn’t gone that far.

Even so, Finn didn’t think Steffy seemed surprised that Xander would blame Thomas.

Steffy explained that Xander got caught up in the chaos when Beth Spencer was a baby and that he claimed he was threatened by Thomas to keep quiet.

Considering the state Thomas was in at the time, Steffy admitted that part was probably true.

However, Steffy was adamant that Emma simply lost control of her car and took a turn too quickly.

After Steffy implied that Xander was making these accusations as some sort of payback, she pushed Finn to drop the matter since it was all very upsetting.

Finn talked about how deeply troubled Thomas was when he was obsessed with Hope Logan.

Something was seriously wrong, so Finn thought that they needed to keep their eyes open when it came to Steffy’s brother – no matter how much therapy Thomas had.

After Steffy said Finn was right, she confessed that she was worried about Thomas getting triggered again if Hope let him down.

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Meanwhile, Hope told Thomas that maybe someday she’d say yes to his proposal, but she hoped he could understand that she wasn’t ready for that level of commitment right now.

Thomas admitted he was a bit disappointed, but he assured Hope that he indeed understood and was willing to wait.

Hope also suggested that they should keep this proposal between them since there was already enough drama over their relationship.

Thomas acknowledged that Brooke Logan would freak if she knew.

As talk turned to people who didn’t approve of their romance, Thomas brought up Finn lashing out at him over his Steffy confrontation.

Thomas wondered for a long time what Finn thought of him, but now Finn was making his feelings known.

Hope flashed back to Finn telling her that she could do better than Thomas and seemed a bit rattled.

Once Hope suggested that Finn would come around, Thomas argued that Hope had already come around – and her opinion was the only one that mattered to him.

Thomas thought it was a good sign that Hope didn’t throw the ring in his face and felt confident that they could have a good life together.

After Thomas said Douglas Forrester would be ecstatic if they got married, he urged Hope to take her time since he wasn’t going anywhere.

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Thomas said he’d never wander to another woman because Hope was the only woman for him.

Hope seemed overwhelmed as she accepted Thomas’ warm embrace with a lot on her mind.

At Il Giardino on Wednesday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episoe, Bill Spencer met up with Liam Spencer for drinks and mentioned that he had a dinner date coming up later.

Liam found out about Bill going out with Finn’s aunt and learned his dad had a past connection to Poppy Nozawa.

Bill explained that he couldn’t shake the feeling that he’d met Poppy before – and now he was sure of it.

Liam wished Bill luck and hoped that this mystery woman brought something special to his life.

Back at Forrester Creations, Luna Nozawa was excited about Poppy’s date with Bill, but RJ Forrester joked that Poppy should run as fast as she could away from him.

Although RJ acknowledged that his family had issues with Bill, Luna pushed Poppy to go and make up her own mind.

Since Bill had tracked down Poppy’s number and might know her from the past, Luna pushed her mom to go and acted like she had nothing to lose.

Luna suggested Poppy could look at it as a mystery to solve and said maybe Poppy could team up with Bill to figure out what connected them.

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After Poppy left, Luna opened up to RJ about how much she adored her mom, who’d sacrificed everything for her.

Once Luna said she wished her father had stuck around, she hinted that it was mostly for Poppy’s sake.

Luna often wondered how different life would’ve been if her father had manned up and made a commitment.

After Poppy joined Bill at Il Giardino, he admitted he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Bill did some digging off-screen and now remembered meeting Poppy at the Golden Gate Music fest over 20 years ago.

Once Bill reflected on Poppy dancing and seeming so free, he mentioned how they talked for hours and had a special night together.

Bill insisted he hadn’t forgotten – and something told him that Poppy hadn’t either.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Poppy may struggle to keep Luna’s paternity under wraps if Bill is indeed her bio dad, so stay tuned for updates on when that huge news might leak.

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