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Days of our Lives Recap: Leo Balks At Sloan’s Budget Busting Demands

Reluctantly, he eventually agrees to go easier on Ms. Petersen’s piggy bank. In the Days of our Lives recap that Leo is compelled to rein in his spending habit — a change […]

Reluctantly, he eventually agrees to go easier on Ms. Petersen’s piggy bank.

In the Days of our Lives recap that Leo is compelled to rein in his spending habit — a change that Sloan does not receive any gratitude for.

Wearing pajamas in his salem inn room, Leo pulls a face upon looking at his phone. Behind him, Sloan glares at him with crossed arms.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Everett disturbs the peace at the Horton house, Eric ran to Nicole’s side after getting the call about Holly.

EJ refused to lift a finger to help his brother, and Julie reassured Chad that it was time to move on. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Julie regards an emotional Chad with compassion as he rubs his eye.

Hey Big Spender

No sooner had Sloan and Eric begun celebrating Jude Roman sleeping through his first night than Marlena phoned to fill him in on Holly’s plight.

And while Eric made a beeline for University Hospital, Sloan turned her attention to a credit card alert. Had she approved a $1,200 champagne bill? Like Hell she had!

Sloan bundled up “her” babe, rushed over to the Salem Inn, and roused Leo from his drunken stupor.

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What the Hell is wrong with him? Doesn’t he realize that she has a finite amount of money? Does he want her husband to grow suspicious over “her” spending habits? No, no Leo did not.

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Luckily for the two of them, Leo was about to return to the Spectator fold, so he’d have his own cash to burn.

But Sloan was still going to pay. And pay dearly. Unless she wants her dirty little secrets all over Salem. No, no she did not.

But, Sloan also wasn’t about to let Leo push her into the poor house.

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She sent a financial app to his phone and hissed that she was putting him on a monthly stipend — and she was going to decide the amount he spent.

One Day At A Time

Julie and Chad were awoken by the sound of pounding at the front door — loud enough to spook the children…or wake the dead!

The early morning visitor proved to be Everett who had news, namely that Holly had overdosed.

Julie and Chad were shocked. What’s happening to Salem? Where are all the drugs coming from?

Julie Supports Chad - Days of Our Lives - TV Fanatic

Everett and Chad agreed that it was up to them to get to the bottom of things, and the latter agreed to put up 5K so Everett could go pay off some sources.

Once Everett took his leave and the two of them had time to settle, Chad confided in Julie that it was getting harder and harder to reconcile the fact that Abigail was never coming back. The more time passes, the more he misses her.

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Julie reminded Chad that as long as Charlotte and Thomas were around, Abigail wasn’t gone.

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Her daughter has her smile, and her son has her eyes and sense of humor. Julie then invited Chad to move himself and the kids back in with her and Doug. It’s where they belonged.

What’s more, Chad should think about moving on. It’s what Abigail would want. He’s got so much love to give.

Getting The Dope On The Matter

Much to EJ’s chagrin, Stefan laid Holly’s overdose at HIS feet. After all, Stefan had come to EJ in good faith and asked him to take care of Clyde Weston. If EJ had obliged, none of this would be happening.

How DARE Stefan try to pass the buck, bellowed EJ. Little brother was the one letting Clyde call the shots.

On the loading dock, a scowling EJ points at Stefan. In the distance, Stefan rubs his temples.

EJ then demanded a damn good reason for why he shouldn’t have Stefan arrested. Stefan’s response?

Because he’d implicate EJ in the drug dealings and given EJ’s prior involvement with Clyde, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch.

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Stefan also threatened to let Nicole know that EJ was well aware of the escalating dope problem and that if he’d intervened Holly wouldn’t be ailing.

With Holly hooked up to a ventilator, a gaping Eric and Nicole hold her hand.

Rather than admit to any wrongdoing, EJ warned Stefan that if he didn’t clean up “this mess” in due course then he’d take him down. For good!

Everett happened upon the scene and EJ took the opportunity to take his leave. When questioned by the pesky reporter, Stefan gave several pat comments and then scurried off.

Everett extends his hand to a stiff Stefan on the loading dock.

Meanwhile, Eric and Nicole were horrified when their prayer for Holly’s recovery was brought to a halt by the girl’s seizing.

After tending to her patient, Kayla opined that there wouldn’t be any lasting damage. PHEW! That good news called for a hug between the exes. One that a none-too-happy EJ spied.

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