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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Brady’s Family Drama, Alex Axes Justin, Lucas’ Surprise Visitors

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of January 8-12 indicate that Ava Vitali and Stefan DiMera will face scrutiny for their involvement in Salem’s escalating drug issues. Everett Lynch is […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of January 8-12 indicate that Ava Vitali and Stefan DiMera will face scrutiny for their involvement in Salem’s escalating drug issues.

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Everett Lynch is leading the investigation, potentially placing Stefan and Ava in a difficult position.

Days of Our Lives enthusiasts can also anticipate the strengthening of the bond between Everett and Stephanie Johnson, who shared a New Year’s Eve kiss.

It appears that Stephanie and Everett might be transitioning out of the friend zone sooner than originally anticipated.

As for Everett and Jada Hunter, these former partners seem to successfully avoid each other – a challenging feat in Salem where chance encounters are frequent.

Moving on to Abe Carver, he will offer increased support to Paulina Price as she grapples with health issues.

Abe will spend additional time with Paulina, expressing his caring sentiments.

Regarding EJ DiMera, he’ll attempt to be a source of support for Nicole DiMera during her brief absence from Holly Jonas’ bedside.

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Entering Holly's hospital room, EJ sees Eric with his arms wrapped around Nicole.

Unfortunately, Nicole’s attraction to Eric Brady will lead to a confrontation between Nicole and EJ, creating tense moments as it seems Nicole prefers leaning on Eric instead of her own husband.

Other spoilers for Days suggest that Brady Black will be confronted with a difficult choice between spending time with Rachel Black and supporting the incarcerated Tate Black.

Brady ends up missing an opportunity to see Rachel, prompting Kristen DiMera to criticize him, with Marlena Evans witnessing the outburst.

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When Brady and Theresa Donovan visit Tate, they discover him beaten up, causing concern for Theresa and Brady. Tate may display visible injuries after being attacked by other inmates.

Days spoilers indicate that Brady and Theresa will align for once in recognizing the importance of getting Tate out of Statesville, where EJ intends him to await trial.

In another plotline, Alex Kiriakis will terminate Justin Kiriakis, further straining their already fractured relationship.

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Elsewhere in town, Days spoilers suggest that a distressed Sloan Petersen-Brady will seek guidance from Melinda Trask to navigate a challenging situation.

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Although Sloan contemplates confessing and ending her fabricated adoption nightmare, Melinda may caution her about the potentially dire consequences.

At Statesville, Kate Roberts Brady will bring Harris Michaels with her to see Lucas Horton, involving him in the drug business storyline and potentially exposing Clyde Weston.

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As for Tripp Johnson, he will be surprised to find Wendy Shin still in Salem. This unexpected revelation leaves Tripp eager to receive updates from Wendy.

After Tripp decides against moving to Hong Kong, he expects Wendy to proceed without him. However, Wendy may have different plans, possibly choosing love over duty.

Finally, Konstantin Meleounis will opt not to disclose too much about his past connection to John Black – at least, not yet.

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Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Konstantin’s knowledge will gain significance as “The Pawn” story is revisited, urging viewers to stay tuned to Days of Our Lives.

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