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The Bold and The Beautiful News: Luna suggests Poppy and Bill marriage – Finn shocks Hope

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Thursday, January 4, details Steffy Forrester’s skepticism as she believed Xander Avant fabricated accusations against Thomas Forrester in retaliation for his dismissal. Steffy pointed […]

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Thursday, January 4, details Steffy Forrester’s skepticism as she believed Xander Avant fabricated accusations against Thomas Forrester in retaliation for his dismissal.

Steffy pointed out that Xander went to the police, who determined that Emma Barber’s accident was the result of reckless driving.

Steffy was more worried about Hope Logan using Thomas, so John “Finn” Finnegan agreed with her concerns and said losing Hope could be Thomas’ breaking point.

After Finn mentioned Thomas’ issues and said Hope needed to be protected, Steffy thought he was taking Hope’s side.

Finn denied that, but he brought up Thomas’ cruel history and all the suffering he’d caused.

Steffy stood her ground on Thomas not being to blame for Emma’s accident and angrily pushed Finn to drop this.

Once Steffy softened a bit, she called Finn “baby” and once again begged him to drop it as she pulled him into a hug.

In the Forrester Creations design office, Thomas jokingly asked if Hope was sure she wouldn’t change her mind about accepting his proposal.

However, Thomas quickly assured Hope that he was willing to wait and that he understood she wasn’t ready yet.

Hope touched the engagement ring on her necklace and looked pensive.

After Hope said she hated to disappoint Thomas, he insisted she didn’t.

Thomas reiterated that he knew Hope wasn’t ready and suggested that in the meantime, she’d know she was the only woman for him.

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Hope kissed Thomas, but she seemed rather uneasy.

Later, Steffy found Thomas alone and offered updates on Xander showing up as Finn’s patient.

Thomas didn’t see why that news was a big deal, but Steffy insisted it was indeed a big deal since Xander thought Thomas was responsible for Emma’s demise.

After Finn summoned Hope to his office, she assumed this was about Thomas.

Finn said he was more worried than ever about Hope’s involvement with Thomas after what he learned.

Once Finn explained that Xander Avant showed up as a new patient, he said Xander made a pretty shocking statement.

Finn pointed out that Steffy believed in her brother, but he was fearful since Xander accused Thomas of causing Emma’s grim fate.

“Now do you understand why I’m so concerned about you?”

Finn asked a stunned Hope on Thursday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode.

Meanwhile, Luna Nozawa suggested to RJ Forrester that Bill Spencer could be the one to change Poppy Nozawa’s life forever.

RJ teased Luna about expecting a lot from this first date and cautioned her since Bill had quite a history with the ladies.

Luna didn’t know what Poppy’s type was, but she guessed maybe Bill was her type if they had a prior connection.

Since it had always just been Luna and Poppy, Luna was used to not having a dad in the picture.

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RJ realized Luna couldn’t miss what she’d never known and asked if Poppy had ever mentioned her father by name.

Luna confirmed that Poppy hadn’t and suggested that her mom only said that she was made from love.

Although Luna wasn’t trying to play matchmaker, she seemed hopeful about Bill and Poppy having a future.

RJ thought it was a little extreme to start thinking about a wedding, but Luna loved happy endings.

Luna suggested that maybe Bill would give Poppy one after all this time.

At Il Giardino, Poppy confessed that she remembered Bill from all those years ago.

It was a wonderful night that Poppy hadn’t forgotten – and she never would.

Poppy pulled a pill out of a case and hinted about it being fortification for all the questions Bill had.

After pointing out it was all natural, Poppy said she was nervous before this date and wanted something to take the edge off – like Bill’s scotch.

Although Poppy didn’t want to put Bill on the spot, she pointed out that he never called her after the music festival.

Bill was apologetic and explained that he was obsessed with his company at the time.

Poppy understood that they had their own lives to live, so Bill said she was sweet to let him off the hook and expressed how sorry he was.

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If Bill had picked up the phone back then, he wondered how different things would’ve been.

Bill mentioned Luna and how impressive she was, which led to Poppy admitting Luna didn’t have the easiest childhood.

When Poppy said Luna’s father wasn’t in her life, Bill said that guy had to be a total jerk.

Poppy revealed that Luna’s dad never knew she was pregnant, so Bill realized Luna didn’t know who her father was.

Bill assumed Poppy knew Luna’s paternity, but she hinted that these questions were getting personal.

Although Bill didn’t mean to pry, he said any man would be proud to call Luna his daughter.

After Bill gushed over Poppy being as beautiful now as she was when they first met, he talked about how there was nothing like watching her dance.

Poppy was so carefree back then, but then she became a mom.

Bill couldn’t believe she had a daughter Luna’s age and swore he never forgot about Poppy.

Once Bill admitted he’d really like to see Poppy again, they shared a kiss that left Poppy smiling.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Bill and Poppy’s romance will get a lot more complicated soon, so stay tuned.

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