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Days of Our Lives Recap: Johnny at Hospital – Theresa Refuses Alex’s Lawyer

The recap of Thursday, January 4th’s Days of Our Lives spoilers unfolds with Johnny DiMera waking up alongside Chanel Dupree, who alludes to a novel experience they shared the previous night. As […]

The recap of Thursday, January 4th’s Days of Our Lives spoilers unfolds with Johnny DiMera waking up alongside Chanel Dupree, who alludes to a novel experience they shared the previous night.

Wearing a t-shirt, Chanel sits up in bed with a phone. Lounging shirtless, Johnny furrows his brow.

As the two enjoy a flirtatious morning, they eventually turn their attention to their phones. Johnny, realizing he has missed several messages, swiftly rushes to the hospital after receiving updates regarding Holly Jonas’ overdose.

The unfolding events hint at an intriguing and potentially dramatic turn in the storyline, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

At Paulina Price’s place, Abe Carver made her breakfast and apologized for not being intimate with her last night. It just didn’t feel right since Abe couldn’t remember the life they previously shared, so Paulina understood.

At home, wearing robes in front of breakfast plates, Paulina busies herself unfolding a napkin. Abe somberly stares with a raised brow.

Once Chanel arrived, she feared she was interrupting and noticed Abe was in his pajamas. While Abe was off changing, Chanel told Paulina that it seemed like things went well last night.

Paulina admitted Abe slept in another bed, but she was pleased over Abe’s love declaration and told Chanel that she filled him in on her medical condition. Abe refused to let Paulina push him away, so Chanel smiled and said that sounded like him.

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Paulina quizzed Chanel on her own night with Johnny, so she hinted about having “late-night dessert” and flashed back to Johnny licking whipped cream off her body.

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Later, Chanel talked to Paulina and Abe about Holly’s overdose as well as the growing drug problem in Salem.

At the hospital, EJ DiMera spoke to Rafe Hernandez over the phone. Rafe clearly thought EJ should focus on his family instead of his vendetta against Tate Black.

After EJ held Tate responsible for Holly’s overdose and coma, he suggested that Holly was never into drugs until Tate came along.

With closed eyes, EJ cocks his head away from Johnny. His hand presses against his brow.

Johnny wondered how EJ could be sure and admitted Holly got drunk on New Year’s Eve. That left Johnny wishing he’d tried harder to help Holly, but EJ said there was no one to blame for her ordeal except Tate.

Afterward, Johnny called Chanel to fill her in on the situation with Holly. Although Johnny didn’t know the details on Tate’s end of things, he knew EJ planned to take him down.

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At the Salem PD, John Black brought Tate a suit that Marlena Evans prepared for him and gave him a pep talk ahead of his arraignment.

John also tried to settle Brady Black down and help him see that Tate had to handle this part on his own.

In the interrogation room, an exasperated Brady leans his hands on a chair across the table from Tate. John enters with a garment bag slung over his shoulder.

Theresa Donovan expressed gratitude to Justin Kiriakis for coming to represent Tate on a holiday. Justin said he’d do anything for family, but Alex Kiriakis appeared and suggested family wasn’t what they needed right now.

Alex revealed that he’d hired another hotshot lawyer instead – a ruthless one who knew how to shut the prosecution down hard.

Theresa rejected Alex’s alternate attorney and stuck with Justin since she trusted him along with Brady and Tate.

Standing side by side in the police station, Justin and Theresa glare at Alex.

Alex once again questioned Theresa about the possibility that Tate might be guilty of scoring the drugs, but Theresa believed her son.

Likewise, John told Brady that his gut was telling him that Tate was telling the truth.

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Although there was some tension between Theresa and Brady, Justin argued that they had to come together for Tate’s sake.

To avoid any further blowups in front of the judge, Justin insisted on everyone else staying behind while he took Tate to court.

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Next, Tate returned with Justin and revealed that the judge had granted his bail. John was thrilled along with the others and wanted to host a celebratory lunch.

Once Justin went to get Tate’s release paperwork, he got a phone call from the assistant district attorney and seemed concerned.

Rafe also received a call about the judge reversing his decision, so he said Tate’s bail had been revoked and that he had to stay in police custody. Days of Our Lives spoilers say EJ will continue to make Tate’s life miserable.

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