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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Audra reveals Kyle to Tucker – Adam and Nick compelled to share Co-CEO roles

The Young and the Restless spoilers recap for Monday, January 8, highlights a strategic meeting at the Abbott mansion involving Jack Abbott, Kyle Abbott, and Ashley Abbott. Kyle will refuse to believe […]

The Young and the Restless spoilers recap for Monday, January 8, highlights a strategic meeting at the Abbott mansion involving Jack Abbott, Kyle Abbott, and Ashley Abbott.

Kyle will refuse to believe Tucker McCall is going to just back off, especially since he’s still riled up over what happened in Paris.

That Paris mention will send Ashley’s mind back to Tucker’s terrifying rage, so she’ll get rattled and eventually exit.

After Jack considers the possibility that Tucker may be onto Kyle, he’ll suggest they need to be open to shifting gears.

However, Kyle will feel confident that he can keep fooling Tucker and will think they should stick to the rest of their plan.

Kyle will also text Tucker to ask if he’s made a decision about the product info that was offered to him.

Since Kyle will warn that the clock is ticking, he’ll hope to provoke a response from Tucker soon.

At the GCAC, Audra Charles will tell Tucker that Kyle is playing him and that whatever info he offered would be a setup.

Kyle confessed everything to Audra and tried to get her on his side, so she’ll come clean to Tucker.

Tucker will seem skeptical about Audra suddenly pledging her allegiance, but she’ll highlight their deep connection and make it clear that she’s choosing him over Kyle.

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Since Audra will feel like Tucker’s going to come out on top, she’ll stay in his corner.

When Ashley arrives and sits at another table, Tucker will fill Audra in on his confusion over Ashley’s Paris memories.

Audra will get updates on Ashley’s belief that Tucker smashed a glass and threw a chair, so she’ll admit that doesn’t sound like him.

That said, Ashley brings out a fiercer side of Tucker, so Audra will wonder if maybe Tucker has convinced himself that it didn’t get that ugly.

Audra will think it might be because Tucker’s clinging to hope that things can be salvaged.

After Tucker flashes back to knocking his glass over accidentally and pushing the chair a bit, Ashley will once again remember him being far more ferocious.

When Ashley starts to run toward the door, Tucker will catch up with her and grab her arm.

Ashley will snap at Tucker and warn him not to touch her.

It’ll be obvious to Tucker that Ashley is genuinely scared to be around him, even in public.

As they rehash their different sides of the Paris story, Ashley will suggest one of them is wrong – and she’ll declare that it’s not her.

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While Tucker watches Ashley storm out, Audra will pick up the phone Tucker left on the table and notice that Kyle texted him for a response.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor Newman will announce that Adam Newman and Nick Newman will be equals working for him as co-CEOs.

Nick will seem skeptical about this arrangement, but he’ll agree to try for Victor’s sake.

Adam will be totally committed to keeping the peace, so Victor will give the brothers an assignment right away.

At Crimson Lights, Nick and Adam will brainstorm for the presentation they have to give after lunch.

Although Nick will shut down Adam’s ideas at first, he’ll eventually admit he’s not trying and acknowledge that it’s not productive.

Once Nick’s willing to listen and bounce ideas around with Adam, they’ll make some stellar plans on how to fold in the new acquisition.

At Newman Media on Monday’s The Young and the Restless episode, Nikki Newman will rummage in her drawer and pull out a flask, but she’ll opt to call her sponsor instead of drinking.

At Society, Nikki will text Victor about meeting him there in an hour.

That’ll give Nikki time to meet with the aforementioned sponsor, who’ll be a sweet and energetic guy named Seth.

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Seth will realize Nikki’s been trying to white-knuckle it instead of reaching out, but he’ll be glad she finally got in touch.

Nikki will seem like she’s afraid of letting Victor and her family down, so it’ll be nice for her to speak freely with someone who understands her struggles.

When Victor arrives, he’ll meet Seth and learn that he’s Nikki’s sponsor.

Victor will be surprised since he’s never heard Nikki talk about Seth before, but Seth will insist Nikki takes the anonymity part of AA very seriously.

Victor will hope that goes for Seth too, so Nikki will pipe up about Seth being discreet.

Once Seth leaves, Victor will express concern about Nikki lying to him.

Since Nikki acted like she was fine earlier and then called her sponsor for help, Victor will ask if she’s struggling more than she’s letting on.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Nikki’s got another bender coming up, so stay tuned for news on her setback.

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