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Days of our Lives Recap: Rafe Tries, and Fails, To Talk Sense Into EJ

Rafe Hernandez passionately confronted EJ DiMera in the Days of Our Lives recap for Friday, January 5, 2024, attempting to make him see reason or show a shred of mercy towards Tate. […]

Rafe Hernandez passionately confronted EJ DiMera in the Days of Our Lives recap for Friday, January 5, 2024, attempting to make him see reason or show a shred of mercy towards Tate.

EJ and Rafe gravely regard each other across the interrogation room table.

However, despite Rafe’s efforts, EJ remained unyielding and unaffected.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Xander propositioned Sarah, Theresa and Brady did their best to calm their son’s fears, and Tripp seriously disappointed Wendy.

Theresa, still in her feather jacket from the New Year's Eve party, puts a hand on Tate's chest at the police station. He wears a denim blue prison button-up over a white t-shirt. Justin and Brady solemnly observe them.

Luckily, she remained her same, understanding self. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Blame Game

At the police station, Tate begged the aghast adults arguing amongst themselves to stifle and tell him what was going to happen to him.

Justin explained that Tate be sent to the juvenile hall while he worked furiously on filing an appeal.

No so fast, hissed EJ. Tate will be charged as an adult — despite his 16 years — and remanded to the local jail.

Brady and Theresa face Tate with concern at the police station. Brady reaches a hand to Tate's suit covered shoulder.

As for what exactly Tate is being charged with, how about attempted murder? Or manslaughter, should the worse come to worst?

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Tate blubbered, Theresa pleaded his case, and Alex called EJ’s credibility into question.

EJ insisted to Tate that even if the drugs weren’t his, he was still responsible for Holly’s plight as he failed to dial 911 and get her immediate help. And hiding the drugs she OD on didn’t help matters either.

Rafe demanded to speak with EJ in private and attempted to ascertain just why EJ was on a crusade against a “poor kid.”

Demanding Answers - Days of Our Lives - TV Fanatic

Does it make him feel good? Does it lift his spirits? And what if the roles were reversed and someone was trying to railroad Johnny in a similar matter?

Despite the Commish’s best efforts, EJ wouldn’t be dissuaded. In fact, he derived pleasure from watching cowering Tate being dragged away from his parents.

Change Of Address

Meanwhile, Sarah enjoyed waking up to the smells from Xander’s cooking, even if she didn’t appreciate his pronouncement of the word scone.

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holding coffee mugs, Sarah and Xander face each other, perched on the back of his couch. She wears just a t-shirt that extends to her bare legs. He wears sweats and a black t-shirt.

Soon the two were debating the pros and cons of Sarah moving herself and Victoria Margaret into Xander’s spare room as well as the “10-ton elephant in the room” that is the kiss they shared the previous night.

At first, Sarah argued they’d merely gotten caught up in the fireworks and the celebratory feeling.

Then the two admitted they’d been wanting something like that to happen for some time now. And yes, the kiss was amazing.

But, Sarah was scared. Scared of going too fast and falling madly in love and regretting it. Xander promises it’ll all work itself out.

Sarah looks back at Xander, who reaches for her elbow. He wears a black t-shirt while she's in a sheer red dress.

They will just have to agree to respect each other’s boundaries moving forward. Agreed? Agreed!

Goodbye Is The Hardest Word

Opposite, Tripp returned home to Wendy who gushed excitedly about their upcoming sojourn to Hong Kong. Yeah…about that.

Holding her suitcase's handle, Wendy stands in her open doorway. She tearfully looks across the apartment at Tripp.

Tripp is no longer going. He’s got that sinking feeling that something’s up with his mother — namely that she’s peddling the drugs that landed Holly in a coma.

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Wendy was more than understanding. Family is important, and she gets that Tripp feels like he has to take care of his mother.

That’s how she feels about her own parents. But what does that mean for them?

Tripp suggested that they can make long-distance work; Wendy isn’t so sure. It sounded nice and doable. But, once there’s an ocean between them, it won’t be the same.

Wendy leans Tripp back on the couch, kissing him.

Therefore, she gave Tripp permission to move on if he so chooses.

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