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The Young and The Restless News: Jordan’s unexpected turn, Victoria’s Claire appeal, loyalty trials, and romantic hurdles

The Young and the Restless spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, January 8 to January 19, disclose that Nikki Newman will raise suspicions with contradictory tales. In the week of January 8-12, […]

The Young and the Restless spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, January 8 to January 19, disclose that Nikki Newman will raise suspicions with contradictory tales.

In the week of January 8-12, Nikki will feign well-being, but Victor becomes uneasy when he discovers her rendezvous with her sponsor, Seth.

Although Victor will wonder if Nikki’s struggling more than she’s been telling him, she may act like she’s just being vigilant and downplay the support she’s receiving from Seth.

Nikki will later crumble under the pressure of trying not to disappoint Victor and her children.

It’ll lead to Nikki getting drunk again, so Lauren Baldwin will land in a tight spot once she finds her stumbling around the athletic club.

Lauren will want to take Nikki home, but Nikki won’t want Victor to see her in this intoxicated state.

It’ll put Lauren’s loyalty to the test, but she’ll agree to hide Nikki in a suite for a while and help her get back on track.

Once Victor makes Nick Newman and Adam Newman his co-CEOs, he’ll force them to work together on a series of tasks.

Adam and Nick will prove they can handle a little teamwork with a presentation, so Victor will give him a bigger challenge later.

Y&R spoilers say Nick and Adam will put some effort into getting along, but there could still be some problems along the way.

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As for Adam’s romance with Sally Spectra, that’ll take another positive turn thanks to their upcoming dinner date.

Sally will grow closer to Adam and most likely land in bed with him again before the night’s over.

When Ashley Abbott faces off with Tucker McCall, she’ll dig her heels in and insist she’s not the one who’s mistaken about how things played out in Paris.

Meanwhile, Kyle Abbott will try to convince Jack Abbott that he can handle duping Tucker and that he’ll be able to pull off the second part of their plot.

However, Audra Charles will make a mess of things by pledging her loyalty to Tucker and spilling Kyle’s dirty trick.

After Kyle realizes he’s been thwarted, he’ll blow his top and realize he’ll have to find a different path to protecting his family’s legacy.

Jack will worry about Kyle spiraling out of control, so he’ll give his son some good advice.

Ashley will also receive some guidance from Jack, so he’ll be the go-to person for words of wisdom.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley will have an unexpected reunion with Cole Howard, so it seems her ex-husband will offer updates on all the mayhem that went down with Jordan and Claire Grace.

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Although Claire recently pushed Victoria Newman away, Victoria won’t let that stop her from trying to help.

It turns out Victoria will need some assistance from Victor as well, so she’ll turn to her dad with a shocking request.

Claire will suffer with more horrible Jordan memories, but maybe Victor’s favor could help ease her torment.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Claire will have some business left to settle with Jordan, so she’ll get a chance at closure.

Perhaps Victor will arrange for Claire to take a brief trip outside the psych ward so that she can rip into Jordan in lockup.

Claire may have an opportunity to trash Jordan over the past and feel in charge of her own life for once.

After Victor finds out Nikki drank again, he’ll do whatever he can to help her move forward.

Victor will make it his mission to protect Nikki no matter what.

Back with Ashley, she’ll corner Audra for a confrontation.

Ashley might warn that Tucker is dangerous and urge Audra to cut ties with him before he does any more damage.

As for Summer Newman, her relationship with Chance Chancellor will take a surprising turn.

Summer seems poised to make her feelings known and possibly steal a kiss from Chance.

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Although Chance is single now, will he be able to move on from Sharon Rosales so fast?

Summer and Chance could face some complications when it comes to their own opportunity for a future together.

During the week of January 15-19, Phyllis Summers and Christine Blair will let their feud over Danny Romalotti go off the rails.

Daniel Romalotti Jr. will also strengthen his bond with Heather Stevens and find reasons to spend more time with her, so that could mean bad news for his relationship with Lily Winters.

Across town, the Abbotts will take a stand against Tucker and his plans for revenge, but things will escalate and put Ashley at risk as a result.

Next, Devon Hamilton-Winters and Nate Hastings will try to keep the peace at Chancellor-Winters, but how long can their truce really last?

Abby Newman-Abbott will also fight for the board seat she wants, but that could lead to some romantic issues if Devon struggles to get on the same page.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say the next two weeks will bring some gripping scenes, so don’t miss all the action.

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