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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Kyle confronts Tucker – Claire’s last plea to Victoria and Cole

The Young and the Restless spoilers recap for Tuesday, January 9, unveils Ashley Abbott noticing Cole Howard on the Crimson Lights patio, triggering memories of their past relationship issues due to his […]

The Young and the Restless spoilers recap for Tuesday, January 9, unveils Ashley Abbott noticing Cole Howard on the Crimson Lights patio, triggering memories of their past relationship issues due to his ongoing ties with his ex-wife, Victoria Newman.

After Ashley approaches Cole and asks what brings him back to town, he’ll get awkward and hint about a private family matter.

Ashley will admit her new marriage didn’t work out very well and will fish for details about Cole’s own love life.

When Victoria walks in looking for Cole, Ashley will realize Cole seems to have kept in better touch with his other ex.

Victoria will reiterate that they’re dealing with a private matter before Ashley takes off moments later.

Cole will feel like maybe it’s time to break Jordan’s hold on the situation and let everyone know the truth about Claire Grace, but Victoria will think their daughter needs privacy right now.

Victoria will worry since Claire no longer wants them to visit, but she’ll ultimately agree with Cole about showing Claire all the attention and affection she needs to see that she’s worthy of love.

When a call comes in from Memorial Hospital, Victoria will learn Claire wants to see them both, so Cole will immediately head to the psych ward with her.

In Claire’s room on Tuesday’s The Young and The Restless episode, she’ll admit to Cole and Victoria that she hasn’t changed her mind and can’t have them in her life.

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However, Claire will have a final request before she fully cuts Victoria and Cole out.

Since Claire needs to face Jordan one more time to move forward, she’ll ask Cole and Victoria to help make the arrangements.

At the GCAC, Audra Charles will want Tucker McCall’s assurance that she can have Jabot and that his weak spot for Ashley won’t wreck their plans.

Tucker will finally admit he doesn’t know how he’ll react if Ashley realizes she made a mistake.

Since Audra can’t count on Tucker to help with her career, she’ll insist this is goodbye and stomp off.

Later, Tucker will also tell Kyle goodbye over the phone since he’s always known what Kyle’s been up to and just got Audra to confirm it.

Kyle will insist he can explain, but Tucker will hang up on him.

After Kyle tells Jack Abbott and Ashley about Audra ratting him out, he’ll claim he’s got something to take care of at the office and will leave the Abbott mansion in a hurry.

Once Ashley complains to Jack about Tucker gaslighting her, Jack will realize she’s still in deep with him and won’t think there’s any point in denying it.

In Audra’s suite, Kyle will show up and confront her about blabbing his plan.

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Audra will act like she was protecting Kyle since it’s not a good idea to make a move against Tucker unless you can finish the job.

When Tucker arrives next, Kyle will end up asking him what the point of his involvement was.

Tucker will suggest that he wanted to see if Kyle had the stones to get a job done – though now he’ll see that Kyle didn’t.

After Tucker admits Kyle has potential, he’ll contend that Kyle would have to break free from the stranglehold Jack has on him.

If Kyle could do that, Tucker will think Kyle could become a “world-class bastard” like Jack.

Kyle will deck Tucker over that comment and send him flying back on the sofa, so Tucker will touch his tender lip and admit that was “pretty good.”

At the coffeehouse, Sharon Rosales will walk in on Adam Newman and Nick Newman getting along, so they’ll fill her in on their new situation at Newman Enterprises and how they’re trying to find common ground.

After Adam exits, Sharon will tell Nick about breaking things off with Chance and waiting for the real thing when it comes to love.

In the meantime, Sharon will think her life is busy enough with her new company launching.

Back at the athletic club, Adam and Sally Spectra will both have a pep in their step when they bump into each other.

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After Sally and Adam swap their dinner plans for lunch, they’ll exchange good news – starting with all the new clients Sally’s been signing.

Adam will admit things are on the upswing now that he’s working with Nick and trying to make Victor Newman proud, so Sally will seem pleased.

At Society, Summer Newman will find Chance Chancellor at the bar and notice he’s in a funk.

Chance will hint that he’s dealing with a lot of changes, so Summer will assume this is about work and suggest he needs to look the part for his new office job.

After Summer returns with a bag of Marchetti clothes, she’ll point out that Chance can return whatever he doesn’t like.

Summer will also mention that Chance can run his new looks by Sharon, so he’ll act uncomfortable.

When Summer realizes something’s wrong, she’ll push Chance to have lunch with her and get his troubles off his chest.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Chance’s love life will come with some interesting twists and turns, so stay tuned for updates on the romantic news ahead.

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