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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Xander frets over the relationship status of Thomas and Hope

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Monday, January 8, portrays Thomas Forrester resisting as John “Finn” Finnegan issues a warning, asserting that Hope Logan has faith in him. Finn was […]

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Monday, January 8, portrays Thomas Forrester resisting as John “Finn” Finnegan issues a warning, asserting that Hope Logan has faith in him.

Finn was saying that Hope shouldn’t trust Thomas, especially after the things he’d been hearing from Xander Avant.

Thomas reminded Finn that they were family and urged him not to let Xander drive a wedge between them.

After Thomas begged Finn not to drive a wedge in his relationship with Hope either, he pointed out that Hope wasn’t some damsel in distress.

Thomas said Hope could make her own decisions, but Finn felt she was making the wrong one by being with Thomas.

In the salon at Forrester Creations, Steffy Forrester thought back to Finn asking if Thomas was more dangerous than he realized.

Steffy also had a flashback of pushing Finn to drop all the talk of Xander’s accusations.

Once Thomas met up with Steffy, he said he just got an earful from her husband and that he overheard Finn badmouthing him to Hope earlier.

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Steffy didn’t think Thomas had corrupted Hope, but she did point out that Hope had changed.

Thomas defended his relationship and felt Hope could have a wonderful future with him, so he asked Steffy to talk to Finn and stop him from interfering.

In the design office, Poppy Nozawa brought coffee and faced Luna Nozawa’s questions about her date with Bill Spencer.

Poppy said it was lovely reconnecting with Bill and confirmed that they knew each other from a music festival decades ago.

After Poppy invited Luna to help with an event in Malibu this weekend, Luna asked if RJ Forrester could come.

Poppy welcomed the idea and could tell that Luna really cared about RJ.

Although Poppy hoped Luna could join her for dinner, Luna found a note that someone slipped through the door and quickly made alternate plans.

The invitation said for Luna to come to the salon for dinner and hinted that the sender couldn’t wait to see her.

Luna didn’t think her work attire was appropriate for a fancy dinner – which she assumed was with RJ – so she had a mini fashion show and got Poppy’s help picking out something made by Forrester Creations.

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In the CEO office, RJ and Zende Forrester Dominguez had another fight over RJ being the golden child.

Although RJ tried to find common ground, he eventually said he was done trying to see this from Zende’s side and stormed out.

RJ wound up at the hospital, where he waited to see Eric Forrester since his grandad was having some tests done.

Once Luna made her way to the salon, she saw that it was all decked out for this romantic grand gesture.

When Zende walked in, he told Luna that she looked fantastic.

Luna asked if Zende had seen RJ since she was supposed to meet him there, but Zende wondered if she was sure about that.

After Luna mentioned the note she got earlier, Zende made it clear that he was the one who arranged this and was really looking forward to their evening together.

Elsewhere on Monday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Xander looked concerned over an article about Thomas and Hope being the next great Forrester-Logan couple.

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Soon after, Xander thanked Finn for meeting with him again and promised he was telling the truth about his accusations.

Once Xander said he couldn’t prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt, he acknowledged that the cops couldn’t either.

However, Xander reiterated that Thomas was dangerous and responsible for Emma Barber’s demise.

According to Xander, Thomas ran Emma off the road because he was willing to do anything to keep the truth about Beth Spencer quiet.

Xander didn’t care if the investigation was over and assured Finn that Thomas was capable of intentionally wiping Emma out.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Xander will continue to stir up trouble for Thomas, so stay tuned for updates on what his news will lead to.

Sadly will have other scorching Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, news and updates to read up on, so check back often for more The Bold and the Beautiful details.