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Days of Our Lives Video Preview: Guilt, Horror and an Undercover Plot

Get ready for intense drama in Salem with this week’s Days of Our Lives spoilers video preview for January 8-12, 2024. As the truth about the teen’s overdose lingers, the police devise […]

Get ready for intense drama in Salem with this week’s Days of Our Lives spoilers video preview for January 8-12, 2024.

As the truth about the teen’s overdose lingers, the police devise a plan to uncover the mastermind behind Salem’s drug ring, with a surprising choice for an undercover mission.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Video Preview

“My heart aches for my precious granddaughter,” says Maggie, who pays a visit to the still comatose Holly. The ailing teen is surrounded by loved ones as Nicole, Eric, and EJ stand vigil at her hospital bedside.

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Guilty Party

The unfortunate situation incites an attack of consciousness for Sloan, who is secretly raising Nicole’s son, Jude, as her own.

Nicole thinks her baby died, but Sloan and Melinda actually pulled a switcheroo.

“Nicole may now lose her surviving child to a drug overdose,” Sloan bemoans to Melinda. However, Melinda does look the least bit concerned. In fact, she looks downright annoyed that Sloan is even bringing it up.

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Prison Nightmare

Brady and Theresa pay Tate a visit in prison and are horrified to discover their son has a black eye. Obviously, he’s been attacked by a fellow inmate.

Brady is incensed over his teenage son being placed in a dangerous facility. “My son is in a jail cell and he’s going to be tried as an adult,” he cries out, fearing the boy’s safety.

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Tempers and Tantrums

The situation makes tempers flare at every turn. At the police station Justin, who’s serving as Tate’s lawyer, gives someone hell as Brady, Theresa and Alex look on. Then Justin and Brady clash.

Later, a desperate Brady pays Nicole a visit for help, things quickly turn ugly. Apparently, he says something about Holly that doesn’t sit well with Nicole.

“How dare you talk about my daughter like that,” spats Nicole. EJ follows it up by ordering Brady to get out of their home.

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Brady obliges and stands outside broken, not knowing who to turn to or how to help his son.

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Cracking the Case

Tensions rise as Chad confronts Ava and Stefan about their part in the drug scandal. “Are the DiMeras involved in this?” he asks them.

Meanwhile, there might be a plan to crack open the case and find out who’s masterminding the drug ring in Salem, and it involves one of Salem’s beloved citizens. “How would you like to get Lucas out of prison?” poses Harris to Kate.

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Kate’s intrigued, but worried. “If he gets caught, he could die,” rationalizes Kate.

It looks like they’re going to let Lucas decide, because, Kate and Harris pay him a visit at Statesville Prison. Will Lucas agree to work as the cops’ undercover mole?

Families Feudb

The drama pits family against family, drawing some closer and forcing others apart. Concerned parents, Theresa and Brady, finally join together for a common cause and share an embrace.

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Nicole lets out a scream of frustration. And two men each claim to know the truth about the whole sordid mess.

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“I swear on the soul of my grandfather,” Brady attests to someone. EJ counters by telling Nicole, “I swear on the soul of my father.” However, only one of them is telling the truth.

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