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Days of our Lives Recap: Konstantin’s Aria talk unsettles John, particularly Steve

In the “Days of our Lives” summary, Konstantin boldly challenged fate during his encounter with John and Steve at The Pub. Days of our Lives Recap Highlights In addition, Marlena tried to […]

In the “Days of our Lives” summary, Konstantin boldly challenged fate during his encounter with John and Steve at The Pub.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Marlena tried to comfort a tremendously guilt-ridden Brady.

Slumped into the couch, Brady reaches across the cushions to take Marlena's hand.

But then, he ended up feeling Kristen’s anger after unintentionally dropping the ball in her eyes big time.

Brady wasn’t the only one feeling the guilt, though. So did Theresa, who fretted over Tate’s troubles.

Eric showed up for her offering comforting words and a hug. As for Sloan, she contemplated telling Nicole everything.

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However, Melinda did her best to try and talk Sloan off the ledge.

Guilt Gets You Nowhere

Feelings of guilt hit Salem hard with Brady doubting his parenting skills. Thankfully, Marlena was there to offer wise words of comfort.

Kristen gesticulates as she sternly makes a point to Brady. Marlena observes as he juts his chin to her.

As Brady expressed his appreciation for her being there for him and Tate, Kristen arrived at his door.

Kristen proceeded to tear into Brady because he failed to show up for a visit with Rachel, who misses him a lot.

In fact, she misses him to the point she’s having nightmares about her dad dying.

Elsewhere, Tate’s mom was also weighed down by feelings of guilt and inadequacy as a parent.

Theresa and Alex were at home when Eric showed up at their door. Theresa’s immediate reaction was that he was there to judge her for her inability to be the parent Tate needed her to be.

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At home, Alex wraps an arm around Theresa as they face Eric, who holds a rosary.

Someone feeling a ton of guilt for a completely different reason was Sloan Petersen.

Now that she knows about Holly’s overdose, she’s not feeling great about what Nicole was going through.

The fact that she could potentially lose her second child in a matter of weeks. Her cohort in crime — Melinda Trask — showed up just in time to try to talk Sloan out of coming clean about everything.

Melinda makes an emphatic point to Sloan, who regards her with crossed arms.

Things Take a Turn…for the Better?

After Marlena left for The Pub, Brady and Kristen got into it. Kristen couldn’t understand what could have possibly prevented Brady from seeing Rachel.

Once he was able to get a word in, he filled her in on the disaster that his life is right now.

Suddenly, the tone of the room changed and Kristen inexplicably backed down from her wrathful words.

A sympathetic Kristen caresses Brady's face.

She managed to find some understanding of what Brady was going through.

Ultimately, she comforted him as he emotionally unloaded on her about Tate, about not being able to see Rachel, and what that was doing to him.

Of course, Kristen still had to Kristen — she couldn’t help herself. She told Brady if he dropped the ball again when it came to Rachel, she’d make him pay.

Back at Alex and Theresa’s place, Eric surprised Theresa by setting aside any sort of judgment and righteousness.

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A somber Theresa leans into Alex, who wraps his arms around her on his couch.

First of all, he was there to give her one of his amazingly comforting hugs plus Grandma Caroline’s rosary.

Plus, he loved Tate and Holly and claimed he had no place to judge. He actually opened up about how he drove drunk eight years ago and killed Daniel Jonas.

While Theresa pointed out that what Tate was going through wasn’t the same, Eric simply wanted to know if there was anything he could do for her.

Theresa hoped Eric could talk to Nicole about Tate’s innocence. In turn, Theresa hoped Nicole would talk to EJ and get him to back down from destroying Tate’s life.

With a stricken expression, Theresa delicately touches Tate's face in the jail's visitors room. Brady angrily stands behind her, emphatically pointing downward.

Eric agreed but admitted he’d wait a little bit since Holly was in such a precarious state.

Things Take a Turn… for the Worse

At Sloan’s place, Melinda might have understood Sloan’s guilt but she knew it didn’t matter.

Sloan could not give in to those feelings because if she did, EJ would be all over them for what they did. And they would certainly lose their freedom.

Also, Sloan filled in Melinda on the whole greedy Leo blackmailing business, to which Melinda hoped Sloan kept her name out of it.

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Eventually, Melinda ended up talking Sloan off the ledge.

Rattled and Raging at the Pub

At the Pub, Konstantin confronted both John and Steve. He taunted the friends with his presence and claimed his hands were clean when there’s weren’t.

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Sure, they had kidnapped him and told him to get out of town, but he wasn’t going anywhere.

That’s when John and Steve threatened Konstantin with ISA intervention.

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The intervention would involve the agency stealthily grabbing Konstantin and dropping him on a deserted island where he’d be forced to live the rest of his days.

Konstantin then pounced on the topic of islands.

He escalated the conversation bringing up his hometown of Aria in Greece.

He wanted to know if Steve had ever been there. Subsequently, he noticed Steve reacting to him mentioning the town.

While John remained strangely silent, Steve’s reaction was on the other end of the spectrum. He seemed agitated and restless and totally pissed off.

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Konstantin introduced himself to Marlena who entered The Pub. After his exit, Marlena, Steve, and John talked about how Konstantin should be gone.

Steve menacingly assured Marlena that Konstantin will be gone — and soon. She can count on that.

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