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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: RJ criticizes Zende, and Finn’s request unsettles Steffy

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Wednesday, January 10, unfolds as Nurse Tina visits John “Finn” Finnegan’s office. She delivers the positive news that Eric Forrester’s health indicators are improving, […]

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Wednesday, January 10, unfolds as Nurse Tina visits John “Finn” Finnegan’s office.

She delivers the positive news that Eric Forrester’s health indicators are improving, and he’s even in good spirits, cracking jokes.

Nurse Tina knew how worried Finn had been about Eric, so she wanted to give him updates on the good news.

Finn was grateful, but his attention drifted back to Thomas Forrester and his concerns about Thomas’ relationship with Hope Logan.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy Forrester flashed back to defending Thomas to Finn and seemed distracted during her meeting with Hope.

After Steffy admitted she was worried about Thomas and his past dragging him down again, she clarified that she wasn’t just talking about Hope.

When Thomas arrived, he assured Steffy that there was no need to worry since he was focused on the future.

Thomas gazed at the engagement ring on Hope’s necklace, which she discreetly reached up to touch.

After Steffy left, Hope assured Thomas that their opinions were the only ones that mattered, but Thomas still felt like some support would be nice.

Thomas was looking forward to that ring going on Hope’s finger, but he promised that he could wait and shared a make-out session with her.

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Once Finn summoned Steffy to his office, he admitted that Xander Avant came back to see him.

Steffy was upset over Finn agreeing to a second meeting and felt he should’ve hung up on Xander.

Although Finn understood Steffy’s desire to support Thomas, he felt like maybe there were things she didn’t want to face.

Finn was more convinced than ever that Thomas might be to blame for Emma Barber’s demise after hearing Xander’s additional info.

In Forrester Creations’ design office, Luna Nozawa came clean to RJ Forrester about Zende Forrester Dominguez asking her to dinner through an anonymous invitation.

Luna acted like it was partially her fault for making assumptions, but RJ insisted Zende knew what he was doing.

Although Luna said it seemed innocent enough, RJ demanded to know if Zende came onto her.

Luna confessed that Zende kissed her on the cheek, so RJ was furious with him.

After Zende flashed back to his attempt to romance Luna, he showed up in the design office.

RJ called Zende pathetic for kissing his girlfriend, but Zende told him to relax and suggested the whole thing was friendly.

Luna tried to shut down the confrontation, but it got worse instead as RJ warned that there was an end to his patience.

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RJ wouldn’t allow Zende to make moves on Luna, so he warned Zende to grab his sketchbook and back off!

Once Zende exited, RJ continued to fume over Zende using Luna to rile him up.

After RJ realized he was minimizing Luna’s appeal, he scrambled to assure her that she was hot.

Luna suggested that Zende was both attracted to her and trying to stick it to RJ, but she never would’ve accepted the invite if she’d known it came from him.

RJ assured Luna it was fine and asked if the dinner was any good, but Luna said she didn’t stick around to find out.

Luna added that although Zende was a charming guy, her heart was with RJ.

After RJ and Luna expressed their love, they shared a kiss as Zende spied from the doorway.

Back in Finn’s office on Wednesday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Steffy urged Finn to drop this since Emma’s crash was the result of her own reckless driving.

Finn hinted that it may have been the result of Thomas’ reckless driving instead since he was dangerously tailgating her.

After Finn talked about the security footage and GPS data that Xander accessed, Steffy argued that it didn’t mean anything.

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None of it proved that Thomas ran Emma off the road, so Steffy made it clear that her brother wasn’t capable of that.

Since the police cleared Thomas, Steffy didn’t want Finn digging a dangerous situation back up and triggering Thomas to backslide.

Finn wondered if Steffy thought Thomas could become obsessed again, but she hoped not and said her brother had changed.

After Finn understood why Steffy wanted to believe in her brother, he pushed her to go to Thomas and ask him for the truth.

Steffy looked pensive as Finn stood his ground on his concerns about Thomas.

Over with Thomas again, he reassured Hope about waiting on their engagement, but he felt like “yes” was just around the corner.

Thomas talked about working on himself and becoming someone worthy of Hope’s love, so she kissed him passionately.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Hope and Thomas’ future could get complicated, so stick with the CBS soap.

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