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Days of our Lives Recap: EJ and Nicole Kick Brady Out of the DiMera Mansion

In the Days of our Lives recap about EJ and Nicole evict Brady from their home following a heated conversation about Holly and Tate that spirals out of control. Days of our […]

In the Days of our Lives recap about EJ and Nicole evict Brady from their home following a heated conversation about Holly and Tate that spirals out of control.
Days of Our Lives Recap: Will Nicole Help Tate and Brady With EJ? |

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Theresa and Brady discovered Tate was attacked in jail. Paulina talked Abe into trying to jog his memory.

Stephanie and Everett continued to spend time together. Harris and Jada made a big drug bust but Harris had issues getting the suspect to talk.

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Nicole confessed she’s losing faith to EJ. Jada, Stephanie, and Chanel caught up at The Pub.

And Everett unknowingly got a glimpse of Jada. Now let’s get deeper into the details of what went down in Salem.

Having Hope and Losing Faith

A smoothie-drinking Paulina told Chanel about alternative treatments that may not only help her health but Abraham’s amnesia, too.

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Later, when she brought the topic up with Abe, he needed reassurance that should he never regain his memories, she’d be okay with that.After insisting she would, Paulina queued up their wedding video, hoping it would jog her husband’s memory.

However, the video didn’t quite do its job. But it didn’t matter, the two were able to experience an emotional moment together.

The vows affected Abe. It seemed like the two grew closer even though it didn’t have the effect Paulina wanted.

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Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, Nicole admitted to EJ that she’s quickly losing faith in everything including God.

She confessed to him that when they spread their son’s ashes, she prayed.

And now look what’s happened ever since. Holly was in a coma and there was a good chance she was going to lose her.

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EJ tried his best to comfort his wife. He even mentioned how he was down and out once upon a time.

He was shot in the head but he fought his way back. And even though he had a long recovery, those treatments were effective.

He made a promise to do everything it took to make sure Holly went nowhere.

Drug Busts and Black Eyes

As for the Salem Police Department, Harris and Jada had high hopes that the suspect they just busted for possession would talk.

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Unfortunately, he remained silent. So Harris took the shady individual who lied about his name back to the precinct.

Once there, the only thing Harris found out was the thug’s real name.

The guy wouldn’t talk. Everett, who showed up wanting info on this arrest, asked Harris if he could take a crack at the perp.

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Harris contemplated giving in for like a second. Ultimately, he wanted to keep his job so it was a no-go.

Elsewhere, Brady and Theresa visited Tate in jail and immediately they knew something was up with their son.

When Tate looked at them, they realized he sported quite the shiner.

His black eye came courtesy of a fellow adult inmate who clearly wanted to mess with the teen.

Needless to say, Theresa and Brady were mortified. Theresa begged Brady to talk to Nicole and get her to convince EJ to set Tate free.

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The Pub Chronicles

First, Stephanie and Everett had a PR meeting where they bantered about The Spectator business.

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One of those items on Stephanie’s list was Leo’s column.

Everett reported that it was late but maybe that’s because Leo’s cooking up something juicy, which was the perfect time for Stephanie to flashback to the Harris of it all.

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Second, Jada arrived via the back of The Pub just as Everett left through the front door.

Jada and Stephanie caught up on all things Harris and day drinking.

Plus, Stephanie dished about how she recently shared a kiss with her ex — not Alex or Chad. But the one from Seattle. Everett’s name was never mentioned.

Later, Chanel joined in on the Jada and Stephanie conversation. She talked about Paulina without giving up any information on her mom’s health.

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And she also took the opportunity to acknowledge the awkwardness between her and Jada.

She inquired about Talia and Jada simply told her that Talia was okay. She was getting a fresh start and that’s what mattered.

Once Everett was done at the precinct, he took a call from Chad outside The Pub. He looked through the window and unknowingly saw the back of Jada’s head.

A Friendship Fractured

When Theresa and Tate talked, she mentioned how strong she felt Tate was, but he didn’t feel brave.

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Actually, he felt scared and he didn’t know how much longer he could do this.

She then opened up about her time with El Fideo when she was his captive.

She didn’t know if she could last a day there, let alone two years. But she knew Tate could get through this.

At EJ’s, Brady asked the Salem DA if he could talk to Nicole…alone. Of course, EJ was reluctant to let this happen, but Nicole agreed.

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Brady proceeded to tell her about Tate being beaten in jail. And it was all because EJ revoked bail and insisted on trying Tate as an adult.

Nicole wanted to know if Brady thought Tate was telling the truth. Brady thought he was but he wasn’t completely sure.

Brady tried to tell Nicole how it might be plausible for Holly to turn to drugs. How she hasn’t had the most stable of lives.

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The fact that Brady could actually think Holly would resort to taking drugs completely infuriated Nicole.

When EJ heard the raised voices he joined the fray and, subsequently, he and Nicole kicked Brady out, practically Uncle Phil-style.

Brady responded by calling up Paulina and demanding she fire EJ as DA. Unfortunately for Brady, Paulina said she couldn’t because EJ hadn’t crossed any lines as of yet.

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Both Brady and EJ made vows. EJ swore to Nicole on the soul of his father that Tate would pay for what he’s done.

While Brady swore to Theresa and Tate — on the soul of his grandfather — he would find a way to get Tate out of jail.

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