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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Jordan’s foreboding intentions unfold as Claire’s visit concludes with a cautionary note

The Young and the Restless spoilers recap for Friday, January 12, unfolds as Ashley Abbott confronts Audra Charles, pressing for explanations regarding why Tucker McCall is manipulating her. However, Audra dismisses the […]

The Young and the Restless spoilers recap for Friday, January 12, unfolds as Ashley Abbott confronts Audra Charles, pressing for explanations regarding why Tucker McCall is manipulating her.

However, Audra dismisses the idea, believing it doesn’t align with Tucker’s usual behavior.

Since Audra has never witnessed anything like the scene Ashley claims played out in Paris, she’ll question if Ashley’s really remembering it correctly.

In Tucker’s suite, he’ll tell a reporter “no comment” and learn they’re investigating Audra’s scandal involvement, but he’ll ultimately realize they don’t have any hard evidence on her.

Later, Ashley will approach Tucker’s table downstairs and push for answers about why he’s denying the outrageous scene in Paris.

After Ashley forces Tucker to walk her through his version of events, he’ll stick to his story about knocking over the glass accidentally and brushing the chair as he went past.

Tucker won’t think it was anything worse than any other couple arguing, but Ashley will insist Tucker smashed the glass and threw the chair.

Since Ashley will stand her ground on Tucker being aggressive, he’ll act like there’s something or someone else in play here.

Ashley will accuse Tucker of trying to make her seem imbalanced, but he’ll argue that they were in a public place and that he would’ve been confronted if it was as bad as she claims.

Tucker will point out that Ashley came to him to discuss this, so he’ll think she must have doubts on some level.

At the ranch, Sharon Rosales will stop by to see if Victor Newman and Nikki Newman will be able to make it to her launch party, but Victor will offer his regrets.

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Sharon will understand since she’ll assume this has something to do with Jordan and all the damage she’s done.

When Sharon asks if Victor has any advice for her new company, he’ll urge her to tackle any problems head on – just as he plans to do.

In a suite at the athletic club, Nikki Newman will wake up with a hangover and exclaim over a man sitting nearby.

Once Nikki asks who it is, Seth will reveal that it’s him and offer some water.

Nikki will be foggy on most of what happened last night, but she’ll recall Lauren Baldwin helping her.

Seth will admit Lauren was there until dawn, which is when he took over watching over Nikki.

Although Nikki will be humiliated and unsure of how to handle this, Seth will push her to take things one step at a time.

There’ll be a knock at the door, so Seth will assume it’s the hangover breakfast that he ordered for Nikki.

It’ll turn out to be Victor instead, so Seth will take that as his cue to leave since Nikki will be in good hands.

Nikki will apologize to Victor for not telling him about her drinking right away.

Although Nikki will be struggling, Victor will insist they can start her recovery over and get through this together.

At the ranch, Victor will complain about Seth not being there when Nikki first started drinking again, but Nikki won’t blame him since it was her responsibility to reach out.

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Even so, Victor won’t have a good feeling about Seth and will think Nikki should find a new sponsor.

Nikki will sense that Victor’s keeping something from her, so he’ll offer updates on Claire Grace’s visit with Jordan being approved.

Victor will add that Victoria Newman and Cole Howard went with Claire to protect her.

At the Oregon prison facility, Claire will snap at Cole and Victoria as her nerves take over, but she’ll ultimately apologize.

Victoria and Cole will get why Claire’s anxious, so they’ll remind her that she can back out of this meeting at any time.

Claire won’t want to let Jordan win by having more power over her, so she’ll gather her courage and meet with Jordan alone.

In the visitor’s room on Friday’s The Young and the Restless episode, Jordan will act all sweet and loving while simultaneously trashing the Newmans.

Claire will point out that Jordan drugged her and stole her from the hospital, but Jordan will insist she put her life on the lie for Claire and is paying the price for it.

Although Jordan will acknowledge that she’s not perfect, she’ll act like she’s always tried to help Claire and will assure Claire of her love.

Claire won’t know what love is, but she’ll know it’s not Jordan’s manipulation.

Although Jordan will suggest they can use Victoria and Cole’s interest in Claire to their advantage, Claire will refuse to be used any longer.

Jordan will hear about Claire deciding to walk away from the parents since she’s too broken.

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When Jordan says she made Claire what she is, Claire will insist that’s the problem!

Jordan will wonder why Claire even wanted to meet with her, so Claire will make it clear that she sees Jordan for who she is now.

Claire will view Jordan as a monster who stole the life she could’ve had, but she’ll warn that this will be the last time they see each other.

Jordan will ask if Claire wants her to perish behind bars, but Claire will hope she suffers for a long time in and finds someone in there who’ll make her feel worthless.

After Claire calls for the guard and insists they’re finished, Jordan will ominously talk about having plans and all the time in the world for them.

As Jordan’s led out, she’ll warn that Claire picked the wrong side.

When Victoria and Cole reconvene with Claire, she’ll thank them for all their help and will seem touched that they went above and beyond for her.

Victoria will suggest they should go home and will wrap a comforting arm around Claire as they leave.

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Jordan could have more tricks up her sleeve, so stay tuned for any alarming news that might result!

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