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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Liam and Hope clash over Thomas’s marriage proposal

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Thursday, January 11, unfolds as John “Finn” Finnegan encourages Steffy Forrester to directly inquire if Thomas Forrester had any involvement in Emma Barber’s death. […]

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Thursday, January 11, unfolds as John “Finn” Finnegan encourages Steffy Forrester to directly inquire if Thomas Forrester had any involvement in Emma Barber’s death.

Steffy thought this was a waste of time since Thomas wasn’t to blame, but she agreed to do what Finn asked if it’d put the issue to rest.

Li Finnegan saw Steffy leaving in a huff and asked Finn if everything was OK, but he downplayed his disagreement with his wife.

When Li learned this was about Finn protecting Hope Logan from Thomas, she grew concerned.

Li offered a word of advice and suggested Finn shouldn’t get too caught up in being Hope’s protector – especially considering Hope’s complex history with Steffy.

Finn assured Li that his family with Steffy was his priority and that he’d never do anything to hurt what they had together.

That said, Finn would always be wary of Thomas until proven otherwise.

At Forrester Creations on Thursday’s The Bold and The Beautiful episode, Hope suggested Thomas could come by the cabin later for a little more “collaborating,” so Thomas liked the sound of that.

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Thomas once again praised Hope for helping him become someone worthy of her love.

After Thomas said he’d never stop hoping for a future with her, Hope gave him a kiss.

Later, Steffy found Thomas alone in the CEO office and mentioned that Xander Avant talked to Finn again.

Since Finn pushed Steffy to come there and ask Thomas one more time if he knew anything about Emma’s demise, she relayed that news.

Steffy wondered if any of Xander’s accusations were true, so Thomas said Xander was right about him being a person of interest.

Although Thomas was sorry that Emma lost her life, he insisted he was cleared and the case was closed.

Thomas hinted about Emma texting while driving and declared this was a senseless accident.

Steffy suggested that explained a lot, but not everything.

After Steffy said that somehow the truth needed to come out – all of it – Thomas agreed with her.

At the cabin, Hope prepared a romantic table ahead of her evening with Thomas and touched the ring he gave her as she flashed back to Finn’s warning about him.

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Liam Spencer showed up and could see that Hope had plans with Thomas tonight, so he was glad she wasn’t in lingerie this time.

Since Hope seemed distracted, Liam finally got her to admit that Xander Avant was back in town.

Liam assumed Xander was making Thomas’ life a living hell and didn’t think Xander’s grim accusations were a stretch.

Hope pointed out that Thomas was cleared and defended him as a new person now.

Liam eventually noticed the engagement ring on Hope’s necklace and asked if that’s indeed what it was.

Hope said it was none of Liam’s business, but he realized it wasn’t on her finger and that she couldn’t say yes.

Hope insisted she simply hadn’t said yes yet, but Liam held out hope that she’d realize how much this relationship was costing her and get out before Thomas hurt her again.

Hope argued that Liam had hurt her too and tried to shut the conversation down since they’d both moved on.

Talk turned back to Xander, so Liam asked why he was there now and what was in it for Xander if his accusations weren’t true.

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Hope acted like Xander had an ax to grind and needed someone to blame, so who better than Thomas?

Liam scoffed over Thomas being the victim in his parable, but Hope lashed out over him being misunderstanding her.

Despite Liam and Finn’s attempts to protect her, Hope said she didn’t want it or need it.

Hope just wanted to move on from that difficult chapter of her life, but Liam warned she’d never be able to move past Emma’s demise as long as she was with Thomas.

Considering everything Thomas had put them through, Liam was adamant that Thomas was capable of anything – including causing Emma’s fatal outcome.

Hope held the ring on her necklace as she glared back at Liam.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Hope and Thomas’ romance will come with more challenges, so stay tuned for updates on whether they can overcome them.

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