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Bold and the Beautiful Predict: Steffy on the Verge of Reconnecting with Liam?

In the world of Bold and the Beautiful, Liam Spencer is set to reenter Steffy Forrester’s life towards the end of this week on the CBS soap opera. While the spoilers are […]

In the world of Bold and the Beautiful, Liam Spencer is set to reenter Steffy Forrester’s life towards the end of this week on the CBS soap opera.

While the spoilers are vague about the specifics, it’s probable that the man known as the Waffler will remain consistent in his behavior. Faced with surprising news, there’s little doubt that he’ll turn to Steffy to share it.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Spencer Hears About Proposal

Liam somehow hears about Thomas proposal. Hope might be the one who tells him about this to prove a point.

Liam may take the same stand as Steffy on Bold and the Beautiful this week. Steffy thinks that Thomas is fine now, but if Hope ends up saying no to a future with him, then he could crumble.

Right now, no one knows that Thomas got down on bended knee, but it looks like it will soon spread around.

This could prompt Hope to spill the beans on Bold and the Beautiful. Hope may open up to say they’ve already been there and done that, with Thomas reacting just fine.

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Either way, the cat is out of the bag by the end of the week, with a stunned Liam finding this unsettling. Fans don’t need to think too hard about where this leads Liam. Right to Steffy’s doorstep, more than likely.

B&B Spoilers: Steffy Forrester at Odds with Finn over Thomas Forrester

Steffy Forrester is already mulling over Finn’s behaviors when it comes to Hope Logan. It was easy for The Bold and the Beautiful fans to see that once she found out about Finn conversation with Hope, this left Steffy Forrester perturbed.

Finn is not willing to see the changes in Thomas, his wife’s brother. So couple that with Steffy Forrester’s overprotective feelings regarding her brother, and this likely creates a recipe for marriage problems between Steffy and her husband.

This is the kind of climate that Liam Spencer basks in when it comes to Steffy Forrester. With Finn and Steffy arguing over Thomas, this gives Liam Spencer a way to squirm into her life again.

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And while the spoilers don’t point this out, the Bold and the Beautiful fans sure have.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy and Liam – Say It Isn’t So…

B&B fans seemed pretty convinced that the soap is now laying the groundwork for another go-around for Liam and Steffy. But this time they see Hope headed over to Finn. And it looks like Thomas Forrester is in the middle of it all.

Bold and the Beautiful viewers beg the powers who be at CBS not to do this again. They don’t want Liam Spencer back with the Forrester daughter.

Again, the spoilers only hint at Liam coming back into the mix, starting with him finding out about Thomas asking Hope’s hand in marriage.

But they have Steffy already stewing over Hope, telling her Finn beckoned her to his office. Then once there, he played guardian, warning Hope about Thomas.

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So, this upset the doctor’s wife because Finn shouldn’t be bashing her brother, to anyone. But this Hope thing with Finn just doesn’t make sense to his wife.

Plus, he should not be taking a stranger’s word that her brother murdered someone over his own wife’s word.

But, it looks like she soon starts to wonder what it is about Hope. What prompted her husband could go against her wishes in an attempt to save the Logan daughter from Thomas?

This also opens the door for Liam Spencer to find Steffy Forrester as a damsel in distress and try to weasel back into her life on the CBS soap.

Or at least the fans read the road map forming. Especially those who have been there and done this before with this B&B waffling storyline.

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